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Anti-gun people spend a lot of time telling others how afraid of being shot they are for themselves and “the children”. In other words, they spend a lot of time thinking about dying by gunshot. They project that fear onto gun people saying, “What are you so afraid of that you need a gun?”

That is markedly different than my thought patterns. I think about protecting myself and other innocent people by being proficient with a gun. I almost never have a fear of being a victim of a criminal attack.

Antigun people think about dying by gun. Gun people think about protecting life by gun.


6 thoughts on “By Gun

  1. It takes a sense of duty and responsibility to take steps to defend yourself and others.

  2. Is it that, perhaps, anti-gun people are afraid of dying of anything and “guns” are at the top of that list because guns portend something about which they understand the least?

    As a societal mass, liberals do seem to obsess rather strongly over a whole lot of things, not least among them things based on the individual rather than the group. With liberals, “individual” always seems to be disfavored over “group.” The references to “hive mind” and “herd instinct” come to mind.

  3. Antigun people don’t think. They emote. And that’s why they are impervious to reason, facts, logic or reality.

  4. I have always been aware of my human existence and my own mortality. I’m a gun guy, a FF/EMT, and a biker. Not only have I also gotten the offensive question of “what are you afraid of?” regarding the regular carrying of firearms, but also the “how can you ride a motorcycle, they’re so dangerous?” nonsense. My reply about guns is “It’s not about fear, it’s about preparation. If you don’t understand the difference, that is your problem.” As for bikes, I explain how much I love riding and do my best to drive defensively. But just going to work every day for me could be my last, so foregoing the things I love out of irrational fear is not in my nature.

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