Bigotry and Prejudice

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The gun industry and the extremist politicians it supports have long fanned the flames of hate-based, radical ideologies.

Allison Anderman
August 31, 2023
The Gun Industry Is in the Business of Hate

If you read her rant you realize she is projecting. She really hates gun ownership and even people who legally use guns in self-defense. She describes Kyle Rittenhouse as “the vigilante teenager.”

Bigotry and prejudice is such an ugly thing to see. I hope she gets some help for her afflictions.


2 thoughts on “Bigotry and Prejudice

  1. It left me with a sense of; oh, groundbreaking!
    Didn’t Sal Alinsky say to look in the mirror, and whatever your doing, accuse the other side of it?
    Revolutionary communists aren’t very original in their writings. It’s like a baseball game. No matter what’s going on. Their always running in the same direction to score points. Touching the bases to get there.
    And she didn’t miss much, white racism, assault weapons, blah-blah-blah. Somehow the word “predictable”, just doesn’t cover it.
    It’s a marvel to watch them say the same things, the same way as everyone else in the communist party of America.
    And never consider the fact that people catch on after a while?
    So it bears repeating. If you don’t like people getting shot with AR15’s, why do you want to try to confiscate them?
    If you don’t like racists. Why do you keep pointing out people’s color?
    If you don’t like vigilantes, why do you riot?
    But there I go trying logic on someone that’s had their sense of hypocrisy clinically castrated.
    So, BFYTW. Range time, muddaf–kers!

  2. Interesting that the groups wanting to restrict RKBA originally also adopted a string of consonants for their name: KKK. So it’s the gun rights group that’s racist?

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