They Have to Lie to Win

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The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether to review a lower court ruling that struck down a law prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing guns. Speaking as someone who has represented families of women and children killed by domestic abusers with guns, the potential danger of this decision is hard to overstate. But under recent Supreme Court Second Amendment precedent, that danger is treated as virtually irrelevant.

How did we get here? Doesn’t the right of a child to live outweigh the right to own a Glock or an AR-15? In most of the world, yes. But in today’s America, probably not.

Jonathan Lowy
June 28, 2023
Hey, SCOTUS — the right to life trumps the right to own a gun

Hey Jonathan – the 2nd Amendment IS the balance between private gun ownership and public safety. SCOTUS has repeatedly said this. This is the age of the Internet. People can find and start read SCOTUS decisions with only a few seconds of effort. Nearly every sentence in your screed is an easily disprovable lie or is deliberately misleading. So stop the lying. You are just demonstrating your evil intent.

But, of course, if they were to stop lying they would have no hope of winning. It is their only hope.


4 thoughts on “They Have to Lie to Win

  1. It’s not about the Constitution, laws or rights.

    It’s about feelz. That’s what drives their reason and decision making.

  2. And why shouldn’t the abused take responsibility to protect themselves by having their own gun? And the knowledge and skills necessary to use it?

  3. “Doesn’t the right of a child to live outweigh the right to own a Glock or an AR-15?”

    So, given this, Mr Lowy, what’s your stance on abortion?

    • Pretty much my thoughts.

      It’s amazing how the Left suddenly discovered a “Right to Life” here. They couldn’t find it before if you shoved it up their collective(ist) @$$es.

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