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President Trump once joked that he could shoot someone “in the middle of Fifth Avenue” and he wouldn’t lose any voters. Hunter Biden could actually do it, high on cocaine, bare-assed naked and surrounded by U.S. Attorneys and plenty of hookers and he wouldn’t spend a day in jail.

There is no justice at the Department of Justice anymore. There is one set of rules for the Bidens and their ilk, and another for us lowly non-Bidens.

Lee Williams
June 20, 2023
Hunter Biden gets a pass from his dad’s war on guns

Anymore? We also saw this with Hillary Clinton and her disregard for the handling of classified information. And the gun running with operation Fast and Furious.

The list is probably endless both in time and space as far back as the existence of the first justice system within non-humans. This doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. It just means there will always be justification for reducing the number of politicians and political power.

In the present day and on the current topic it means more people will disrespect and disobey the law and feel totally justified. This increases the “friction” and “tension” in multiple ways including economic, political, and sense of justice.



8 thoughts on “Politicians and Political Power

  1. Randy Weaver’s wife and son were killed because of a (entrapment) gun charge.

    • And the $200 dollar taxes that weren’t paid on the shotguns he sawed off 1/8″ too short for the federal agent that paid him to.
      That was the excuse. And that entrapment was their leverage.
      The real reason was that he wouldn’t spy on the Aryan nation over the hill at Preist Lake for them.
      Ya, they had the white supremist-Baba-Yaga in full swing way back then.
      And they obviously don’t care who they kill to keep the narrative going.
      Plan accordingly.

  2. Good post, Joe.
    As Jesse Kelly said the other day. We don’t have a two-tiered justice system. It’s still a one-tiered system.
    That only applies to us.
    Our caste is the only one in fear of the law. They don’t give it a second thought.
    And as you point out. That’s pretty much how it’s always been.
    Allowing Hillary to keep 900 FBI files when she was just the president’s pretend wife? (Classified?) Seems to be how the mold got set on that one’s behavior as the United States SS. (Secretary State).
    And no one remembers Obama knowingly sending classified information thru her private bathroom server? Kinda illegal I would imagine?
    Yup, still the same old tired one-tiered system.

    • And Trump has been indicted for keeping classified documents.

      But remember when they found classified documents in Biden’s garage, with his Corvette?

      Classified documents from his term as Vice President, when he had no authority to de-classify, and which then-President Obama did NOT de-classify?

      You remember, and I remember, but the media has developed selective amnesia.

      • To me Trump belongs in jail. But right next to the rest of DC in GENPOP.
        But once again we find ourselves using the communists buzz-word games. We don’t have a system that even slightly resembles “justice”.
        “We keep using that word. I do not think it means, what we they think it means.”

      • The documents guarded by the Corvette also weren’t there because the VP was preparing a Vice-Presidential library.

  3. We have a two tiered “justice” (sic) system because one of the VERY FIRST THINGS the communist left did when they started insinuating themselves into positions of power was to install THEIR sycophants in all the places and offices tasked with holding government entities legally accountable.

    • The origin of this mess was when the American courts decided Sovereign Immunity applied to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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