A Tribe of One

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Nothing good comes from organizing societies along collective groups pitted against one another. Transcend this bullshit. You are a tribe of one.

Gad Saad @GadSaad
Tweeted on June 11, 2023

I have nothing to add.


7 thoughts on “A Tribe of One

  1. As everyone else in the world organizes themselves into anti-hate my group, tribes.
    It sounds like a Jewish plot to disorganize whitey? Just joking!!!! Maybe.
    But we actually are being conquered right now because we refuse to defend our tribe.
    When everyone else is.
    Think the globo-pedo clown world ain’t tribal? Try getting in. Watch when they sacrifice one of their members. Or you?
    African, Latinx, Russians, Chinese? (Which are the worst racist to exist.) Everyone is looking out for their group.
    We don’t have to like it. Or agree with it. But we sure as hell better figure out a way to defend ourselves from it. Or we will be dying by it. Cause tribalism is coming to America big time.
    And quite frankly it’s the only way to defeat this well armed a population.
    Import 14 different tribes that will go and stay tribal as soon as things get bad. Think not? Why do you think no one can do a thing in Afghanistan?
    Turn America into a brutal and constant mosh pit, and China can rule the world almost any way they want.
    Why should we be thinking about tribalism? Cause when they turn off the lights and EBT cards? Were only a month away from cannibalism.

  2. Which will win the football game, the team of average players all wearing the same uniform and playing together under a competent but not outstanding leader, or a bunch of “teams of one” who are outstanding athletes with some vague notion of moving the ball in that general direction?

    There is a reason the left has made “racist” the most vile slur, but made it only apply to white people (and anyone who agrees with a wrong-think white)..It allows them to keep the nation divided, atomized, demoralized, over-cautious, while they destroy the nation and its people via all the things they promote which reduce family formation and the number of white children.

  3. I’m not a tribe of one. I have a Significant Other. I have a brother. I have a mother and step father. I have a father and his Significant Other. I have Aunts and Uncles and enough cousins to wear yourself out shaking sticks at them. What we call ‘extended family’ folks back in the day just called ‘Family’. That’s the tribe we need to embrace. Get right with your blood. Go recruiting and bring in wives and husbands for your unmarried young’ins. Turn them into allies. Make allies with other families. That’s your tribe.

  4. Tribes of “one” will ALWAYS be exterminated by those willing to organize as a collective group. Just a fact of reality whether you like it or not.

  5. I suspect the greatest threat is not necessarily the “tribe of one” but the multiplicity of “flexible” and, perhaps, minor, tribal affiliations which wind up looking like a multi-layer Venn diagram suffering from terminal Brownian motion.

    “Tribes of One” can unite, given reasonable justification to do so, but when the tribe is defined not by “vehicle owner” but by “red 4-door 2012 Explorer with Goodyear tires and Bose sound system” owner versus those soulless bastards with 2-door green Firestone-shod Explorers with only a CD player, the diffusion can be, and usually is, fatal. And, let’s not even bring up those fucking heathens with Toyotas.

    Were vehicle choice the only defining factor, with a strong enough external threat even that may be overcome, but we’ve built infinitely large tribal decision trees that go all the way down to species and breed of pets, shoe size, mailbox color and breakfast cereal preference.

    “Fatal division” may be completely inadequate to describe the position into which we have both chosen, and allowed, ourselves to be put.

  6. I am so old I can remember the derision from conservatives about the “Army of One” ad rolled out by the Bush 1 administration.

    This is why we lose.

  7. The left is far far better at collective organization regarding the goals they seek to achieve. The right is the champion of individuality. Guess which side is winning.
    Guess which side will continue to win.

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