Only in Hindsight

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There used to be a meme in the prepper community to the effect of “How will we know when the SHTF?” How will we know when we are truly in the soup? The best answer I ever heard was from a man I met at Auschwitz in Poland, a man who had survived the hellish nightmare of the Balkan genocide. Couldn’t you tell, I asked him?

“Hindsight,” he said. “You can only tell in hindsight.”

Michael Bane
June 6, 2023
The End of the World as We Know It…and We’re Not Fine

I have nothing to add.


6 thoughts on “Only in Hindsight

  1. Also,
    “When it’s time to bury your guns; it’s also time to dig them up.”

  2. It’s not mysterious, and hindsight isn’t required.

    Follow the fundamentals – when rights are routinely violated/abrogated/denied, the end times have been entered.

    Understanding this requires that we correctily define rights, which isn’t too hard.

    A Right is freedom of action of any kind which don’t infringe upon the equal ability of others to act.


  3. Hindsight.
    As Will Rogers famously said; “Some folks can learn from observation. And some from reading. And some just have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”
    To me, the larger question is, when does evil stop? Because that’s when you can relax. And since evil never sleeps. The end of the world as we know it, from micro to macro is always right around the corner. Floods, fires, earthquakes, governments gone bad. On and on.
    People ended up in Auschwitz because they weren’t ready to fight. And die fighting so that their children could live.
    By doing so, our fathers had to fight and died to save them. One’s refusal to examine/defend against the evil around them is arrogance. Costly arrogance.
    “The greatest trick ever played on humanity is that satan doesn’t exist.”
    But the absolute worse one is you telling yourself how special you are. and acting like nothing will ever happen to you.
    There is no surviving this place. Evil is just part of the landscape.
    So, to me the only purpose in life is learning to defend oneself against evil.
    Hindsight? Try this. The end of the world as we know it happened when Adam bit the apple.
    Plan accordingly.

  4. If you are wondering when then it’s already that time….
    We are decades beyond that “awkward stage” that Ms. Claire Wolfe spoke of.

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