No Confusion

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For state legislators trying to respond to constituents’ concerns about rising rates of gun violence and mass shootings, this historical test — and the subjective manner in which judges deploy it — makes it difficult to determine which laws are constitutional and which ones are not.

Paul Blumenthal
June 7, 2023
The Supreme Court’s Gun Rights Decision Is Causing Confusion In State Legislatures

The only confusion is in their simple minds. And I have doubt about that. I think a strong case can be made that they know perfectly well what the Second Amendment and SCOTUS say.

It’s very simple. Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.


2 thoughts on “No Confusion

  1. Yup, very simple. If you’re so ignorant you don’t understand the 2A. Or your so malicious you don’t care what it says.
    Then at a minimum you don’t belong in office. And more likely than not need to decorate a lamppost.
    I would add that age old lesson is having to be relearned. If your not the conqueror, your the conquered.
    As being nice obviously doesn’t work.

  2. For me, the simplest test would be to apply the same leftist recommendation to the 1st Amendment or to voting laws and then see how quickly they scream “INFRINGEMENT”. A few exercises like that should make it pretty easy to remind them that they really do know what infringement means and that further efforts to do that to the 2nd Amendment will be met with an expedited trial.

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