A Simple Dichotomy

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To me, the debate comes down to a simple dichotomy:

With an armed population, we run the risk of tragedies. With a disarmed population, we run the risk of genocide.

It staggers my imagination that, so very soon after the mass killings of the 20th century, so many people have lost sight of this.

Daniel Schwartz
May 28, 2023
Comment to Gun Control is About the Oppression of Minorities

I have nothing to add.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Dichotomy

  1. I would point out that most of those tragedies these days come from liberal thought -patterns being implanted into human’s natural ignorance.
    Tragedies in the form of mass shootings are the outtake of communist inspired destruction of our country. Which would only change in form if guns were taken away.
    And the rest are 90% greed. Human lust coupled with low impulse control. Gang-banging, cartels, drug territories, etc. Remove these and violence committed with guns drops to almost nothing.
    I would posit the “tragedies” we have mostly suffered under are also government forms of genocide.
    We hired government to protect us and our children from these vices. And all the government has done is inspire and profit from there supply and control.
    We have never, and will never have a gun problem. Giving in to human ignorance is the problem. Removing guns will never change those impulses.
    And any government control is only going to being used against humanity. As history can attest to a million times over.
    Sorry, no dichotomy to it.

  2. The only quibble I would make is that with a disarmed population, we run the risk of genocides. Plural.

    The groups targeted by the Left have significant cross-over, but the Venn diagram is not a perfect circle. The fact they hate both conservative Christians and Zionist Jews (for example) means they’ll have to eliminate two distinct demographic groups. Since a genocide, by definition, targets a particular nation or group, that’s two genocides (they may try both at the same time, but it will be two separate efforts). And eliminating non-compliant gun owners will be a third effort; there are plenty of gun owners who are neither conservative Christian nor Zionist Jew but nevertheless will not give up their guns.

    Other than that, spot on!

  3. The gun control parasites often mock “thoughts and prayers.” And in fact, they have a point.

    It isn’t the lack of prayers in school that makes these mass shootings possible. It’s the Gun Free Schools Act. Repeal that law and encourage carrying on campus and no mass shooter will survive more than a few seconds.

    That, of course, is why they haven’t repealed it. Gun control parasites love mass shootings because they think they can stir up hatred against gun owners.

    So next time, instead of offering thoughts and prayers, make an attempt to repeal GFSA.

    • If you think about it, the religion of the Left places government as “god”, and just like many faiths’ deities, the government does not appreciate others intruding on what it says is its exclusive domain (think: the first two Commandments, as stated in the Bible/Torah, Book of Exodus).

      Seen in that light, to the Left, the Gun Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) is just a prayer to THEIR god (the government) to send “his/her” proxies (the police) to smite anyone who takes it upon themselves to protect children, which is a task the Left believes is their god’s exclusive domain.

      This explains why they persecute peaceable gun owners who try to do good, while allowing violent criminals to go free. Because in their view, as bad as the criminals are, gun owners are something even worse: apostates.

      I firmly believe the Left’s fervor for controlling everything is because they see it as a religious mandate, and that their responses to resistance will eventually turn violent because they believe they are waging nothing less than a holy war for the collective soul of mankind.

      They are wrong — on many things — but when has being wrong ever stopped a true believer?

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