Arrest and Jail Those Men

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This is serious. We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels, and unfortunately, the people that have the least responsibility for it are hit the hardest — Global South, people on islands, poor people of color. It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop. We have to arrest and jail those men — they’re all men.

Jane Fonda
May 27, 2023
Jane Fonda blames ‘White men’ for climate crisis, calls to ‘arrest and jail’ them

Interesting viewpoint. Any idea what laws have “those men” have broken?

A better question is, did she stop taking her dementia meds?


23 thoughts on “Arrest and Jail Those Men

  1. How quickly her world would crash if all white men just sat home for a week. Would she even comprehend the reason she was sitting in the dark, thirsty and hungry?

  2. Jane Fonda’s estate planning already has to account for a french drain installation and artificial turf over her grave, as grass won’t grow in ground soaked with veterans’ urine. At the rate she’s doing, she’ll need to budget for an armor plate over the coffin so someone doesn’t auger down through the lid and drop off the contents of a $5 per dump outhouse placed at a field exercise.

    • Wonderful addition to my bucket list! Piss on that bitches grave. And I wasn’t even in the Nam.

    • My father (left Vietnam in 1964 on a medivac) had a bumper sticker that read, “I will forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler.”

      • I worked with a fellow thirty-odd years ago who kept a small photo of the smiling Jane in the seat of a NVA anti-aircraft gun wearing a NVA helmet, with the caption, “I’m not Fonda Jane.”

  3. Her passport should have been cancelled the moment she stepped foot in Vietnam, republic of.
    Since the commies have no problem with large masses of people being displaced. Why the big hub-bub about a few islands getting swamped?
    Just move them folks to Nepal or something and shut-up about it already.
    Oh that’s right, it ain’t about climate change. It about ignorant feminist psycho’s need to control everything.
    Side note: I watched a video about the ice cores up in Greenland. The geologist/climatologist was explaining about the temperature readings over the last 10,000 years. And he hit the nail right on the head by showing that the temperature of the planet has been much warmer than today for most of that time.
    The real problem was that modern meteorology did not start until about 1870’s. Which just happened to be the coldest period of for the entire 10,000 years.
    So the only thing we have ever recorded was warming. Even though something approaching “normal”, is still above where we are today.
    But I digress, as we all know none of this has anything to do with the weather.
    And didn’t they cancel Alex Jones for saying the government was controlling the weather?
    And the government now wants power, money, and control of you. To do what? Control the weather?
    And Jane you ignorant slut. Stack-up or shut-up.

  4. At some point, Joe, you’ll need to realize that people like her are driven by evil to destroy all that is good, beautiful, and true. Not just generic “mental illness.” It’s active. Just like the voices a schizophrenic hear are not random hallucinations. Look up Jerry Marzinsky.

  5. The poor people living on those Pacific islands dealing with rising sea levels are just feeling the consequences of living on an island that’s associated with a tectonic spreading center. As the plate moves away from the center, the island loses elevation. There’s a whole archipelago of seamounts (volcanos that don’t reach the ocean surface) trending like a big tail behind the Hawaiian islands, sunken by tectonic forces and planed flat by wave action.

  6. Well now, it’s been a while! And the thought processes haven’t changed.

    J Fonda is NOT retarded (or psychotic, or significantly below average intelligence, or any of that). She has a job to do, and she does it well. She has a role to play, and she plays it well. She’s no genius at it, I’ll admit, but she does OK.

    And so, again and again and again, while so many conservatives are pre-occupied with poking fun at the “stupid” leftists, and thus entertaining themselves, the leftists are systematically gaining control of almost every worldly resource and institution of any significance. That’s a pretty amazing feat for a bunch of slobbering morons, isn’t it?

    And let’s look at the game Fonda is in, or a part of that game anyway. She part of a group that’s deliberately and systematically sowing hatred between generations, hatred between cultures, hatred between the sexes, and hatred between races. And it’s not just any hatred, but a kind of hatred that has one group believing, truly believing, that some other group is responsible for the literal (yet future) destruction of the very earth upon which we all depend (the very land which they’ve made home)!

    And a sad thing is that most of you commenting here are, to some degree, falling for it. No, you’re NOT falling for the “Climate Change” (the pope’s Laudato Si) hoax, but that’s only part of it. You’re still falling for the general deception, which has you hating one group as much as they hate you! And if you’re not blaming them for the literal destruction of the very biosphere, you’ll soon be blaming them for the destruction of the Western Civilization that has made life a lot better for so many for as long as it’s existed.

    Because that’s their plan (sowing hatred and chaos), and they’re succeeding, even with some of your help.

    And you know what kind of power structure they’re building? It’s a top-down, pyramidal, hierarchical, global, authoritarian, church-state union, of the style, precepts, presumptions, and belief systems of the Dark Ages. But this time they have everything that the best of high tech can offer them. And they are succeeding, and they will succeed, because hardly anyone knows, or can admit, what they’re actually doing. We’d rather poke fun at them.

    And you know what their ultimate enemy is? We can call it “Western Civilization” but if we do, then we’re almost certainly missing the point. No; what they hate is NOT the mere fact that we’ve been so consistently successful, in the material sense, even 120+ years after they’ve set out to destroy our culture. That success bad enough, of course, but what they really hate is not Western Civ. in the material sense. The point that needs to be understood is that “Western Civ.” means “the Protestant World”. But to understand any of that, you’d have to understand the history of the Reformation, starting, let’s say, with Huss, and then Martin Luther 100 years later, and Luther’s theses as nailed to the Wittenberg Church door, and all of that which followed, and the all-out war that’s been raging ever since. Otherwise, it’s going to come as something of a shock as you end up discovering these things inadvertently.

    Their ultimate enemy is Jesus, and everything he stands for, but of course they can’t (yet) come right out and say that. Declaring it openly at this stage would jeopardize the game, so they must act under a cloak of deception. Therefore what you’re constantly seeing as “stupidity”, or “insanity” and so on, is the fact that they can NOT yet openly declare their real enemy. But there is still their war to fight, so they are forced to fabricate enemies, enemies all over the place; men, white people, white men, black people, straight people, successful people, and all the rest, and the big one of course (but not the only one) is Western Civ. They have to sow hatred so they can overthrow this thing called Western Civ. completely and utterly, so they can replace it with their authoritarian system once again.

    • I don’t believe Jane Fonda is smart enough to distinguish good from evil, let alone effectively advocate for evil.

  7. She thinks of herself as so much smarter than the poorer people of every nation that need the fossil fuels, and her diction here leaves so much to be desired. You’d hardly believe that she had more than sixty-five years of practice reciting the words written by others. “We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels”.
    We have “to cut ourselves in half”?
    You first.
    Lawrence Olivier and Alec Guinness would be appalled if someone delivered such a sentence in a performance they were involved in.

    • “We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels”.
      I realize “the science” taught us for years that oil was from dinosaurs and therefor was finite.
      But we can truthfully tell Jane and all her friends we have already quit using “fossil fuel”.
      (As indeed we never have used any such thing.) (And how did those dinosaurs get 10,000 ft. under the ground anyway?)
      We can say we only use hydro-based fuels now. Carbon? Oh, that’s plant food. You want healthy plants don’t you, Jane? You ignorant slut.

        • Yes, you find fossils in coal. But coal is not made of fossils.
          Sorry, to me the term fossil fuel is just a continuation of a poorly constructed lie.

          • fossil: a remnant, impression, or trace of an organism of past geologic ages that has been preserved in the earth’s crust

            Coal is a remnant and/or trace of an organism of past geological age. Therefore coal is a fossil as well as sometimes containing impressions of plants and/or animals.

          • OK I get it. Your right. And now in my own defense; are fossils the fuel, or are fossil made of the fuel?
            Either way one looks at it carbon fuels. Jane is still an ignorant slut. I hope that much is agreeable.

      • I believe science said petroleum was formed from the total biomass, both animal and vegetable, from the time of the dinosaurs.

        Educators dumbed it down oil came from dinosaurs.

  8. As I recall Jane Fonda’s hairdresser was an FBI plant during the Hanoi visits.
    It was the FBI’s opinion that Ms. Fonda was too stupid to do anything but repeat what anyone had told her to say.

    Even now every time she opens her mouth, she reinforces their opinion of her.

    • She’s lived 85 years without a brain, why not 8 more? That would only make her as old as my great-grandmother was when I brought my kids for her to see the 5th generation before she died. Unlike Fonda, g-g-ma was mentally sharp right to the end, even when we had to lift her from bed to her wheelchair.

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