Markley’s Law Monday

Quote of the Day

Cool, because you need an automatic weapon…FFS give it a rest with your replacement for a dick. Seriously all I hear from all your arguments is “I have a micropenis and substitute my guns to feel better”.

Patrick Scannelli @PScannelli
Tweeted on February 9, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Apparently Mr. Scannelli is unable to understand facts and reason and maps rational thought into sexual prowess. I cannot imagine what an empty life someone must lead if they cannot understand even basic science.


3 thoughts on “Markley’s Law Monday

  1. Imagine being in a conversation with someone, talking about anything, and they bring up a valid point that undermines your position, but you’re intellectually bankrupt, so you go rummaging around in the couch cushions of your mind but all you can find is some small change from your Id.

    You throw that corroded, sticky lucre at your interlocutor, where it bounces off their chest, lands at your feet, and they say, “We don’t accept that coin here.”

    If you were discussing firearms, you get a mention on Markley’s Law Monday.

  2. That whole thread was over CNN personal saying permit less carry is fascist.
    Rep. MJ Greene answered; no it’s not. That should have been, HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a bunch of smucks!
    You can’t argue with someone that knows their lying to you.
    And as far as big Patty is concerned. We haven’t given a crap about any laws you write since you’all started your sanctuary city movement. Thanks for showing us the way!
    Now stack-up or shut-up.
    Enjoy that gun-free zone when Biden’s vibrate new citizen committees come to collect reparations. Don’t forget to show them your dick. That’ll scare them off!

    • If the GOP actually was trying to win (stop laughing!) they would have a commercial attacking Maxwell Frost’s calling constitutional carry “fascist.”

      The narrator would be someone whose grandfather served in WWII and ideally would have served himself more recently.

      “My grampa fought fascists in Italy and France. I fought fascists in Fallujah. And Maxwell Frost wants to call me a fascist for exercising my 2nd Amendment rights? Which fascists did you fight, little boy?”

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