Violence is in their nature

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Fuck the 2A, we are not in favor of “guns for everyone”, we are in favor of arming those groups who stand most to gain from the end of capitalism, and disarming those who stand in our way

Minnesota SRA @SRA_Minnesota
The Minnesota chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association
Tweeted on February 22, 2023

Also from them:


For Minnesota SRA @SRA_Minnesota, I’ve known violence is inherent in your kind for a long time. But not everyone believed it. Thanks for the confirmation.

For everyone else, Prepare appropriately.


12 thoughts on “Violence is in their nature

  1. Ok then. As long as we understand how they see things. They may not expect the numerous unpleasant surprises that they encounter.

  2. No surprise. Minnesota is the only state where I’ve ever seen a communist billboard on the Interstate. Literally an advertisement for the Communist Party complete with hammer and sickle. I nearly stopped the car to get a picture of it. I was in awe. Hey, 1st Amendment and all but still! That is not something you see everyday.

    Clearly this is a related arm. I wish them luck on the “disarming others” part.

  3. Do they have branch offices operating in other states?

    Asking for a friend…..

    I suspect, however, this is just more bluster and braying from the brainless Left. I can’t wait until they put their bodies where their mouths are, but I’m thinking I’ll need a lot of patience…..

    • antifawatch has documented them and similar groups. The list is incomplete and does not go much beyond rough geographic area.
      Still, they have personnel files on Communist militants who have been arrested with some background info and the data collections they have are a good starting point. Be your own S-2 and build your own link diagrams.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that’s funny! I needed that. Thanks Joe!
    The real question is where is all that government crap we pay for?
    FBI, ATF, ACLU, SPLC, ADL, Bueller?
    Nothing like confirming what you suspected your whole life. You are on your own. No one from the government is going to save you. Or your friends and family.
    The good thing is when some lefty asks why you need an assault rifle, point and tell them the commies are coming!
    No one can argue that they’re not murdering thugs.
    Oh God, my ribs hurt from laughing.
    And SRA, just so you know. Nazi’s are communists too. Like you.
    And I’ll gladly discuss it with you when you show up!
    And I ain’t one.

    • Wished I could post that picture of that So. Vietnamese officer shooting that communist in the head.
      And say. Communists and Nazi’s all look alike to me. But I got your gun control right here.

    • And I’ll gladly discuss it with you when you show up!

      I think you mean, IF they show up.

      My money’s on, they’ll make 911 calls, engage in SWAT-ting, and/or paint swastikas on your garage door and alert blm/antifa … but won’t dare to show up themselves.

      Typical of communists: They’ll put someone else’s money/livelihood/body where their mouth is — never their own.

      But if s#!+ goes down, the 4GW backlash is gonna be a sight to behold.

      • Spot on, buddy. Thats what I was laughing about. When you get to my age, the prospect of dying in a gun battle with communists is far more attractive than cancer.
        Logic tells us that if they weren’t ignorant cowards. They wouldn’t be communists, would they?
        But it’s fun to think they might show up!

  5. Some how these clowns think they won’t come home to find their houses in a pile of ash and the bodies of their wives and children hung to feed the crows.

    • Good point, though few of them are family men. There are so many trannies in the antifa like groups that it is becoming one of the main individual identifiers. Don’t underestimate their intentions though. They do see themselves as righteous raiders burning out their enemies in the night, and no, they don’t expect to be paid back in kind.

  6. It’s so nice when your foes self-identify. Very sporting of them.

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