Innovation Beats Intimidation


Modified gun magazine within the law

With the city of Columbus banning 30-round gun magazines, LEPD Firearms & Range owner Eric Delbert holds a modified magazine that holds 29 rounds and the plastic single shot limiter that keeps it within the law in Columbus.


This should hold the forces of evil away for a little while. While it probably isn’t going to be long enough for the courts to slap the city of Columbus down. Cities can respond pretty fast on creating new laws and the courts move very slow. But ultimately the courts will put them in their place. I hope that includes forcing the city pay for the plaintiff’s legal bills.


3 thoughts on “Innovation Beats Intimidation

  1. Or it can be a ten round 458 SOCOM magazine. Although plastic follower blocks are much cheaper than a new upper.
    And remember the precedence has been set with shotguns for 50 years. It has always been acceptable to just put a plug in your five round shotgun tube. To go hunting in a three round limit, hunting area.

  2. I love innovations like this one. Other examples include the Monsterman Grip and the Thordsen Buttstock, both of which render the Streng Verboten dangerous AR-15 acceptable to the foes of free men in California.

    Finding a loophole such as these means that someone else has better reading comprehension than the anti-liberty goons who made the shiny new law.

  3. One of the reasons that gun grabbers constantly pass laws they KNOW will eventually be overturned in courts is because they can. They suffer zero consequences for doing so. It cost THEM nothing. It’s always the taxpayers who suffer the financial hardships involved. They can pass these laws a thousand times and if they succeed ONCE they win, we lose. Change that paradigm, make the criminals behind these obviously unconstitutional laws personally and financially accountable and these laws will cease being passed. Till then they have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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