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1890 and Ruby ridge was an arrest warrant.. get real dude. You just want them to make you feel good about your dick lol.

Keri Szatkowski @KeriBear22
Tweeted on November 25, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Via In Chains @InChainsInJail.

Remarkable! So much fail in so few words.

An arrest warrant is not justification for shooting a 14-year old boy in the back and an innocent woman in the head with a baby in her arms.

Believing you can read the minds of others is a indicator of a personality disorder.

With political opponents like this it is no wonder we have SCOTUS decisions and they have childish insults.—Joe]


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      • I thought the massacre at wounded knee was because the US Army was thoroughly spooked by the Ghost Dancers. Of course if you asked them, they would say it was because it could be a conspiracy to stage an uprising, but — really.
        There was an attempt to arrest Sitting Bull, when one of the soldiers killed him, which thoroughly spooked the Ghost Dancers and many of the Indians at the Pine Ridge Reservation, which spooked the Director of Indian Affairs there, and he concluded they were escaping to begin an uprising.
        I have to double check what I have on that. I know General Miles wrote a scathing report to President Benjamin Harrison. He should have been in President Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage. I know that twenty of the soldiers got Medals of Honor for their participation, twenty medals that were not rescinded along with the hundreds that were rescinded by the War Department in 1916.,

  1. I think, deep down, people who think like this are cowards. THEY are completely helpless against the tyrant and knowing there are others who aren’t fills them with shame and rage. As they are helpless they MUST make everyone else helpless as an excuse and balm for their own cowardice.

  2. Sammy Weaver was never under warrant. A federal marshal hiding in the bushes playing tough guy shot his dog. For no reason.
    Then proceeded to get in a gun fight with a 13-year-old and his friend with a 30-06. The 06 stopped that battle.
    Ruby Ridge and Waco are just two, in a long line of usurpations and abuses by the ignorance of power.
    Compare reactions to what Keri’s friends did after St.George Floyd OD’ed with a cop holding him down?
    Of course Keri is obsessed with dick size. It, (whatever Keri is), obviously never researches or thinks about anything else.

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