Quote of the day—Frank Delfin Pupo (Ultimate Instinct Male) @FrankDelfinPupo

All automatics and semi-automatic weapons should be banned.

Frank Delfin Pupo (Ultimate Instinct Male) @FrankDelfinPupo
Tweeted on January 21, 2023
[Never let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Frank Delfin Pupo (Ultimate Instinct Male) @FrankDelfinPupo

  1. Look at his picture. He manages to be a starving little pansy and an obese pig at the same time.

  2. Couldn’t find him at the link. But it was a fun read! If we did give him his ban, would he feel safe enough to walk through any “hood”, in America?
    Or would it be just another “good first step”?
    Ignorant innocent, or flaming gay communist? They always want to lead you into hell.
    What a putz.

    • One of my favorite analogies:

      Gun control is like this: Feral dogs are roaming neighborhoods mauling house cats. The proposed solution is to de-claw the cats.

  3. These people are so stupid.
    They are nothing more than Virtue Signalers, at best.

    If ya cant put a Nuclear Genie back in the bottle…
    HTF are ya gonna put firearms tech back in the bottle??? Hahahaha.

    If these idiots just dropped the gun crap they would own wh, senate and house for eternity.

    Simply cause the average american is a lazy ass pos that will take all it can get for free. Including SS money it never put in.

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