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How do we combat propaganda? Censorship isn’t working. Even the most pro-censorship people will admit that getting companies like twitter to censor propaganda is hard. We can do better. I know that people can do better. You just have to try.

Noah @noah_anyname
Tweeted on April 20, 2022
[This is really late game thinking.

Just keep saying no to Stalinists like this until you are out of ammo. Then attach the bayonet and continue to defend yourself as long as you can.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Noah @noah_anyname

  1. Is he trying to get a government job or something? Hey Noah, the old man once told me if you find yourself in a hole, quit digging. Sound advice you might want to try?
    Especially when all you truly want to do is have a monopoly on propaganda, not stop it. And just like the elites of today. You don’t even understand the power you already possess.
    You can’t stop the signal dude. Ask Bagdad Bob.

  2. If this does not tell you how brainwashed these people are, you should fear that you are edging toward their camp. These people need Critical Reality Thinking and not Critical Race Theory (or any other leftist panacea). The problem is that the conservative version of CRT requires effort, honesty and a willingness to listen. All things in unnaturally short supply with leftists. Perhaps one should ask these people where they obtained their omniscience. Not sure though that I would like to avail myself of their source if leads where Noah is at the present and definitely not to where he is going.

  3. Note that any adverse opinion or argument is “propaganda” and probably deceptive to boot. Can’t have any of that in a democracy.

  4. You combat propaganda through education. When people know better they don’t listen to and aren’t convinced by the bullshit. Of course, Kevin Baker over at The Smallest Minority has been highlighting the sad state of public education for years.

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