4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—DonKilmer @donkilmer

  1. Very good summation. To bad we humans have never been big into reason and logic.
    We just like to think we are.
    Our forefathers spotted this time a long way off with the 2A.
    And Mr. Kilmer reduces the argument to the simplest of terms. And yet half of congress couldn’t follow that logic stream. Truly amazing.
    A good argument ender. Are trying to convince me? Or are you going to try to force me to give up my guns?

  2. I don’t think enough legislators, and voters, realize that what a legislature is doing, day in and day out, is determining when executive violence will be used. There really are very few government outcomes other than: they do/do not pay something from taxpayer funds; they do/do not provide a good or service; or someone is sent around to do violence. The legislature also creates government monopolies of certain goods/services, which are enforced by by executive violence.

    This callous disregard to what they are doing is a bit like the faux environmentalism of the progressives. They’re all about “greeeeeeen energy”, ignoring the strip mining going on to get the lithium for the batteries in their electric car, charged from coal generated electricity. They can’t seem to think one step past what they want, and they never get to the part about what it costs.

    I am squarely against unnecessary violence, while being absolutely in support of necessary violence. I am also very interested in the difference between the two, and making sure there is as little necessity for violence as possible.

  3. The leftists have no problem with violence. As long as THEY control who dishes it out and who is the victim of it. All their bleating to the contrary is just noise.

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