5 thoughts on “Justice is not politically blind

  1. Blind to the actions of the communist uni-party maybe. Everything/one else is all J6. Little justice to be had.

  2. Lady justice is just partially blind. The blindfold has slipped but has only uncovered the one eye that looks at right leaning issues. The eye that could observe the left is still conveniently covered. I would also advise looking to see if the scales have been tampered with as well.

  3. It took me a while to come to grips with the fat that we are, in effect, a totally demoralized and conquered nation, via infiltration and subversion. The intelligence services and “law enforcement” are largely running the ground game. If you are a straight, white, Christian male, you can assume you will never get a big break for anything, unless you take the ticket and sell out your nation.

  4. To call the complete subversion, or more accurately: inversion, of every societal institution of any consequence, mere “politics” is a category error.

    We were invaded and conquered before most people reading this were even conceived.

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