Quote of the day—Jason Jay (@leftyleftyleft)

Ohhhh…. You want to bring 2A into this?!? Well I exercise my 2A right also but unlike you I realize gun cause so much pain when abused like in Uvalde, Parkland, and countless others. I don’t feel the need to open carry cause I have insecurities downstairs like you have

Jason Jay (@leftyleftyleft)
Tweeted on October 12, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.

He doesn’t even make sense. What do schools shootings have to do with open carry? But, as I have often said, expecting people to be rational is irrational. And with anti-gun people they have that truism dialed up to eleven or higher.—Joe]


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  1. Guns are inanimate objects. They don’t “cause” anything. Rational people do not project agency onto inanimate objects. Irrational people do that to avoid taking the blame for their own actions.

    If you think a gun in your hand is going to “cause” you to do something evil, there is a simple and very achievable solution available to you: remove the loose nut from the trigger.

  2. The proper response is: “Hokayfine, you do you. It’s your choice… yours, for yourself. You don’t get to make the choice for anyone else, just like I don’t get to make choices for you. Y’all have a nice day now!”

    (cue the insane frothing in 3… 2… 1…)

    (which you damn well *know* is on the way because [insert rage comic meme face here] “HOW DARE YOU NOT DO AS I SAY AND AS ALL THE OTHER INDISTINGUISHABLE MASSES ALSO SAY YOU DIRTY BAD GUN-HAVER YOU!”)

  3. Uvalde is the perfect example.
    As the police that had a shot before the tranny got in the building. And didn’t take it. Then did nothing to stop the shooting of the children. Except sanitize their hands. (Which seems the perfect metaphor?)
    Ask anyone who’s family member died that day if they approve of open/concealed or any other kind of carry? As long as they shot the little faggot first?
    Dick size would have nothing to do with it. Just the fortitude to do the right thing.
    Which is what Jay Lefty and co. are totally afraid of.
    Here is a question for you, Lefty, and all Lefties out there. Those Uvalde’s finest the same cops you going to send to get my guns? Something tells me that’s not the pension plan they have in mind?
    Besides, what good is a big one, Jay, if all your friends want you to have it removed? And deep down you know you want too also.

  4. Hmm. Who doesn’t know that abusing a gun could cause pain?

    For example I once left my Winchester in a bag in my pickup for several weeks in the coldest part of winter, and when I opened it up it had a thin layer of rust all over it. Seeing my beautiful Winchester all rust-covered was a very painful experience.

  5. The Sex Cult…. again.

    They have No Intelligent Arguments or Understanding.

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