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Guys who carry guns are overcompensating for a lot of things. Without them, they feel inadequate in a lot of ways.

JHN @JHNTruthTeller
Tweeted on July 17, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

We have SCOTUS decisions, the moral high ground, and real world data to back us up.

They have childish insults.

Via a tweet from In Chains@InChainsInJail.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—JHN @JHNTruthTeller

  1. One thing I’m compensating for is the personal inability to throw a small rock, accurately, at over 800 ft/sec. Also I am compensating for my inability to cut steel piping with my fingernails, or run 60 miles in (sometimes under) an hour, or drive a nail into wood with my bare hands or induce raw ingredients to undergo chemical reactions that turn them into a tasty meal simply by holding them in my hot hands.

    Looks like I’m gonna need to use a tool for all those little deficiencies of mine. Sometimes, a very specialized tool, and lots of them, as those drawers in my kitchen, garage and workshop would attest.

    Luckily, I am a member of a tool-making and -using species, and we think that sort of thing is both normal and laudable. We pay little mind to Thag (homo semi-erectus incompetous) who insists on catching rabbits with his bare hands and skinning them with his teeth.

    (To flash back to last weeks topics, I am insulting this guy according to what I am sensitive about: knowledge and competence. Ze insults based on what ze is sensitive about: zer’s masculinity. Zis has a big problem; I can always read a book and learn a new tool, while ze is stuck as the sum total of zis neuroses.)

    • Humans are a tool-making and tool-using species. So what species are tool-phobic politicians and other leftists?

      • Extinct ones, in the long run. As Ayn Rand pointed out, such views are antithetical to the survival of the species. She also argued that, in some of them at least, that’s precisely why they hold those views. You can still see that, in the ones who claim that humans are an ecological hazard and need either to disappear or become far less numerous. For some reason, they usually aren’t told “go ahead, you first”.

  2. Mary L Trump
    Jul 17
    Guys think carrying guns makes them tough. So, what does NOT carrying guns make the rest of us?
    In the right neighborhood? A victim.
    No thanks.
    “Guys who carry guns are overcompensating for a lot of things. Without them, they feel inadequate in a lot of ways.”
    Then maybe you can explain how blacks, that according to the left has the biggest dicks. Are the ones doing most of the “gun”, violence?
    Could be the “truth be told”, is, we just like hearing you bitches whine?
    Sounds like victory to us. In our best Conan voice, it’s the, “Lamentation of the women”.

  3. RE: In our best Conan voice, it’s the, “Lamentation of the women”.

    Could you please define “women”?

    • When it come to left, I don’t get to hung up on gender. I guess I should have said.
      What is the best thing in life Conan?
      “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of the whiny bitches”?
      Hope that helps.

      • OK, then, “could you please define whiny bitches?”

        The point I’m trying to make is “exactly who has a problem with defending oneself (and, by extension, those whom are dependent upon that person) with a tool appropriate for the task, and why?”

        Tirno (above) points out the inadequacies of human physiological structure and capabilities for universal application to the task of “self defense.”

        In the face of that, are they proposing capitulation instead of defense, and to what degree and under what circumstances? Do they believe in “right to life” and if so what are the parameters of that belief? For whom do they believe such a right does not or may not exist? Are they offering agreement to not having a right to life, and if so, to whom do they believe it appiles and how/when/under what circumstances is it applied?

        The bottom line being “it’s my life, I own it, and within the limits of civil law and societal conformance, I get to decide what, when and how it is affected and in what manner.”

        My impression is that “JHN @JHNTruthTeller” and those with whom he (or she) associates might be in disagreement with that statement. I would like to know why, and to what degree, and for what reason should I assign any credibility to those “whiny bitches.”

        • No credibility, only ridicule. Ridicule is all persons behind gun control deserve.At this point in time.
          Anyone espousing gun control measures lacks the ability to logic. Or is nefarious in their logic.
          And those using ridicule in offense to push gun control would truly not appreciate an actual response, other than ridicule.
          You can pick out the whiny bitches for yourself.

  4. I haven’t felt bulletproof or more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, or felt the ability to fly since I was around eight years old. So, yes, by being a tool-using homo sapien, I am compensating for many inadequacies, as we all would recognize, particularly after reading Timo’s comment, above.

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