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For the first time since the poll began in 1972, more Americans chose “None at all” to describe their trust in mass media. While 34 percent of respondents chose “Great deal/Fair amount,” which is unchanged since last year and a two-point improvement from the record low of 2016, 38 percent chose “None at all” – a 4 point bump since last year.

Alex Griffing
October 19, 2022
Gallup Records Highest Ever Level of Americans With No Trust At All in Mass Media As GOP Numbers Crater
[That 62% have some level of trust in the mass media is evidence their lies are successful. This will be used as support to continue lying.—Joe]


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  1. Perhaps Gallup has been lying since 1972? No doubt Yuri was correct about much in America. But. When 38% of the public doesn’t trust any media at all? Representing roughly 100 million people? And it coincides with the firearm owning population?
    No wonder they have to steal elections.
    There are many Americans that just aren’t taking the programming the way the globo-homo-pedo-commies would like.
    The funny trap is that the more communist crap they push. (Because they have to), the more lawless our responses will become. At a 4% growth rate per annum in skepticism? Yuri’s formula is actually going backwards.
    And to think that number might be even higher? Does it correspond with new gun ownership? Too funny! At those numbers they can’t even win by nuking us!

    • “globo-homo-pedo-commies” Surely you mean priests, bishops, cardinals and popes. Go ahead and say it. We all know it’s true, even we’ve been aggressively trying to deny it for the last 500 years.

      “At those numbers they can’t even win by nuking us!” True. We’re more spread out, whereas they’re more concentrated in the cities. So they’ll have to starve us out. It’s an old tactic. No problem. And when they can essentially switch off our ability to buy and sell, that won’t be too difficult. And they know that most of us are demoralized enough that we’ll turn on one another in the hard times, using all those guns we’ve been buying, thus accomplishing much of what they could not.

      2 Kings, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Ezekiel… they talk about parents eating their own children, it gets so bad.

      • “globo-homo-pedo-commies” Surely you mean priests, bishops, cardinals and popes.
        Actually I don’t. That being said, do I know that there is no power structure that man will not corrupt? I take Gods view of man in general. “There is none righteous, no, not one.” (Considering myself to be first in that line.) But most especially ones in power, any power.
        We have the holy spirit to guide us to the truth. And that is our shield.
        Everything a city needs to run comes right out of, or through rural areas. So, you going to eat your own children while Gates and friends have a steak dinner they just took out of your neighborhood?
        All while being well armed? Maybe you would. Not going to happen around me.
        You say I can’t buy food? That means you don’t need electricity. Want to trade?
        Gates may be the largest landowner in America? In hard times that makes him the world’s largest payer of protection money. Good luck to him harvesting and moving his crops.
        And this ain’t me talking, that’s human nature.
        Stalin style starvation of Ukraine is not going to happen in America. Are bad things going to happen in America? Absolutely. We earned it.
        But that don’t mean you got to just sit around whining about the world ending as we know it.
        Let’s build a new with one hand, and have our swords in the other.
        Actually, it sounds kind of fun. More the way God would want us to live. After all. He made evil for a reason.
        We get to die anyway. Let’s comport ourselves as men. And die fighting it at every turn.

  2. Of course we’d have to include Gallup as part of mass media. Also, I submit that it isn’t quite so bad, numbers-wise, as you make it out, even going with Gallop’s possibly slanted data gathering and/or reporting;
    “Those respondents who chose “Not very much” to describe their trust in the mass media to report the news “fully, accurately and fairly” remained at 28 percent…”

    Adding that 28 percent to the 38% “None at all” category, we get 66 percent (a super majority) who are at least very skeptical. And I submit that “not very much” is a step in the direction of “not at all” in a person’s lifetime. One does NOT start out mistrusting the media, and then learn to trust them. It’s going to be overwhelmingly the other way ’round– Trust first, in the naïveté of youth or inexperience, or calculated self-interest, then suspect them, becoming more aware of their long-term behavior, and eventually realize that they’re not simply mistaken here or there, or perhaps forgivably dishonest at times, but professional liars, coordinated, with an over-arching agenda of evil and ill will toward what we once knew of as the Free West

    But even if a super majority were in the “None at all” category it would not cause the mass media to change their hearts and goals, finally realizing that they were wrong. They’ll still have a job to do, (tear down the Western, Judaeo-Christian [i.e. Protestant] world so as to pave the way for Romish authoritarianism) and they’ll still do it in every way possible.

    War is war. You do what you have to do. Tactics may change with the situation, as in any well-fought war, but the goal will remain the same ’till the end. Some will indeed change their minds. We call them defectors. Defectors are either discredited, ostracized or killed. Sometimes all three in sequence.

    Indeed we’ve seen the tactics change along the way in the last 120 years or so. The early 20th century Progressives were openly advocating Darwinist-based Eugenics including forced sterilization and the mass killing of “undesirables”, the KKK, socialism and fascism. They had to tone things down a bit after W.W. II, but by the 1960s they were getting pretty blatant again, and it’s gotten progressively rotten since– The Overton Window, with the help of media and education, is constantly shifting to the proud, radical apostasy and authoritarianism end of the spectrum, such that today’s political “conservatives” are comparable to yesteryear’s radical, pro-redistributionist leftists, and yesteryear’s moderate Democrats are comparable to today’s “extremist conservative fundamentalists”.

    I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating here;
    If I see the legacy media telling a truth here or there, or seeming to report something accurately, I know that it’s NOT because they’ve had a change of heart. I know that it’s a tactic, that by telling a truth, or appearing to do so, they’re merely preparing us for some bigger lie or assault that’s coming soon after. Running a puff piece on Ron DeSantis, would be one example. They would only tell the truth about anything, or appear to be on our side, if it were to serve in their overall purpose of spreading lies designed to weaken, corrupt, or demoralize Western, Protestant Civilization.

    Once you know who they are, or more importantly, who they represent and what the over-arching goals are, you’ll learn to interpret their behavior, and to NEVER, trust them. Just think of them as an extremely clever, experienced narcissist psychopath, and you’ll get it right practically every time.

    To the extent that they appear “stupid” or “incompetent”, it is because they’re using such as cover for the clever evil that is behind them. Now of course they will use the genuinely stupid and the genuinely incompetent, for what self-exalting narcissist wouldn’t use them if it served his purposes? The genuinely incompetent don’t have to keep up an act, 24/7/365. They’re typecast. It’s a well-known tactic for the power-hungry to surround themselves with people who depend utterly upon them for their livelihood (because they’ve been elevated far beyond their level of incompetence), but the central, tactical planning is nonetheless brilliant, and it knows exactly what it is doing.

  3. That 62% of the population has some level of trust in the media is proof that the majority of people are STUPID.

    • Long ago I said that God must have loved stupid people, he’s made so many of them.
      There’s also a famous statement, “Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain.”

  4. “That 62% of the population has some level of trust in the media is proof that the majority of people are STUPID.”

    I suspect it may be, primarily, that the Democrats’ efforts at subjugating the Industrial Education Complex have been enormously successful. It is unquestionable that some stupid people exist naturally, but most have to be trained to be stupid and I must admit the Democrats, the media, and the teachers’ unions are experts at it.

    • They started dumbing down education back around the 1880’s. That’s a long time to be screwing up something! It seems to have been the first thing the left organized to accomplish.

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