Quote of the day—Tyler Shandro

Alberta is not legally obligated and will not offer any provincial resources to the Federal Government as it seeks to confiscate lawfully acquired firearms.

Tyler Shandro
Alberta’s Minister of Justice
September 26, 2022
BREAKING: Kenney Commands Alberta RCMP to Ignore Trudeau’s Gun Laws
[Via email from Rolf and a blog post by Clayton.

It’s a much stronger statement than just the above quote. It is made very clear they are not going to take this gun banning crap from the Feds.

As Rolf said in the email:

Nullification? They may be getting close to a national split faster than we are.

And Clayton:

Anytime you want to change teams, Alberta, we would love to have another gun rights state.

Alberta connects with Montana. I could see that working. If their politics were suitable I’d like to see British Columbia joining. That would connect Alaska to the lower 48 (or 49 with Alberta).—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tyler Shandro

  1. If we get a government with rational energy policies, we could also buy Siberia from Russia, since the collapse in oil prices would make them desperate for cash.

    • I disagree. They have the last un-tapped resource pool left on the planet. And they know it. The only thing we have to offer is ever more worthless dollars, that we control.
      Everything the emerging third world needs to raise themselves from poverty is in Russia. China and the Orient understand this all to well.
      Wood, gold, iron, copper, oil. Plus, a host of other things are there. Siberia has it all. Un-touched.
      This latest kerfuffle is the elites trying to get control of those resources. And wrestle them away from Russian control.
      And we will be lucky if we don’t get nuked over it. As us blowing up Nordstream was an act of war.

      • Did someone admit to sabotaging/bombing the Nord Stream pipeline? Last I heard, there was still a lot of speculation and uncertainty. Yes, the U.S. government is on the suspects list, but so is the Russian government, along with a number of other governments, and environmental groups, and….

        If it’s a “false flag” operation, it’s the worst one ever, seeing as there’s no clear “flag”.

        • The Russians are on the suspect list kept by crazy or dishonest people. Putin isn’t going to blow up his bargaining chip.

          • I’m not ready to rule out the possibility he knows something we don’t, and has a replacement bargaining chip lined up. (Or is ready to take military action for some more valuable end, using this as a pretext/justification.)

            Just because the Nord Stream is the leverage we see, doesn’t mean there’s no other leverage we don’t see.

            I agree, Russia isn’t on top of the suspects list. But I think we shouldn’t cross them off just yet.

        • Aren’t there just a bunch of leaks? Not as many as the python that famously swallowed the porcupine, but enough to put it within the range of Russian-quality welding.

        • Doesn’t matter who blew it up. (Although the state dept. saying they were going to back in January kind narrows the field.) Were going to be blamed for it.
          For all we know the Chinese did it. As war between the US and Russia will weaken us more than Russia. And make China more valuable to the rest of the world.
          All they had to do was wait for a US ship to go through the area. (USS Kearsarge), and bingo, we did it.
          And if Russia wanted an excuse to fight with us directly. There are a dozen ways of doing that without destroying something that valuable to them. (Germany is the biggest economy in Europe, and those pipes were its economic lifeblood.)
          Destroying Nordstream suits Soro better than it does Putin. So, I’m going to stick with Occam’s razor on this one.
          To me, our government is a puppet in all this mess too. Were all being played.

  2. Good on Alberta! Wouldn’t that be great. Be nice to go moose hunting to.
    Enforcement is always key. If you can’t enforce a law, you just look silly. And such is Trudeau with the Cuban daddy want-to-be act.
    And especially on Canadians. Some of the most peaceful and hardworking folks on the planet.
    The only good thing about all this is that no one can any longer deny where socialism leads. Not that power doesn’t corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In every system humans create. But socialism/communism brainwashes and gets to the totalitarian/crony stage much faster.
    2A works for everyone. Not just Americans.

  3. Why stop there?
    If I were pResident, I would treat Alberta, Quebec, New York, California, Texas, and Florida as separate, independent countries. They would each get an ambassador, an embassy, and everything.

    Just to stir things up a little bit.

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