Quote of the day—Tracey Wilson (@TWilsonOttawa)

It’s been 878 days since the Libs “banned” my AR-15. It’s right where it’s always been, locked away in my safe, in my gun room. Violent criminals continue to shoot up our cities & illicit guns still flow across our borders to gangs.
It’s all theatre
#FakeBan #FakePublicSafety

Tracey Wilson (@TWilsonOttawa)
Tweeted on September 26, 2022
[I’m hoping to get a chance to get some face time with a gun owning friend in British Columbia in the next couple of months. I want to know what the “word on the street” is like.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tracey Wilson (@TWilsonOttawa)

  1. It is all theater. Worthless Security Theater, or as it is called across our non-existent southern border, Teatro de la Seguridad del Absurdo.

  2. We had a guy from Quebec show up at an IDPA match last weekend. Used to be a regular competitor, pre-covid. He didn’t seem to think it was going to be a problem getting back across the border, and said he had no issues coming down.

  3. Ya, most communist crap requires you to be scared enough to obey them. They’re not going to be big on the door to door against an armed populous.
    I mean down here they have to send 30 armed FBI agents to arrest a preacher.
    Just like rolling tanks on the branch Davidian’s. All that breeds resentment that don’t go away. And its very expensive. Not to mention the nutbag that decides to fight back is really bad press. Especially if he takes a bunch of mounties with him.
    So it’s no surprise that Trudy hasn’t gotten around to the go big or go home stage.
    But hey, stupid is as stupid does. He might go for it.

  4. Yes….it’s all Kabuki Theatre BS. But by openly posting they have an AR and providing them a name this person has almost certainly guaranteed themselves a visit at O Dark Thirty by a ‘raid team’ looking for a dog to shoot and a citizen to abuse.

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