St. Javelin

Via email from PKoning:

Today’s WSJ had an article about a group that’s ridiculing Putin online, calling itself “NAFO”.  The article came with a photo of a mural on a building depicting “St. Javelin”.  It reminded me of an article a week earlier, describing the “ragtag army” that saved Kyiv from the invading Russians.  One of the soldiers featured in that article is a lady anti-tank missile operator, who in civilian life was a journalist.

As depicted in popular media:


In real life:



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  1. Not sure if we should be celebrating the UKR forces, here.
    They’ve been shelling and terrorizing the region, targeting ethnic Russians in the eastern oblasts (much like counties or states) for the better part of a decade prior to this They’ve been cozying up to NATO and would be able to put US missiles minutes from Moscow. Russia had enough. Now, with the referendum passing with huge margins they consider any UKR attacks there to be attacking Russians on Russian soil (which arguably is quite literally true).

    The UKR are not the good guys. To whit: As far as I know, it’s correct and true. No denial of it by the UKR mouthpieces; I think they fear Streisand Effect blow-back.

    And the gloves are coming off. This is the guy the Russians put in charge of the new operation:
    When your enemy gives you the nickname “the butcher,” it’s likely not because you like to prepare a fine cut of beef.

    Ukraine (or for that matter anywhere in Europe) is looking like a really bad place to be right now. Fall is here, winter is coming.

    • I don’t know who Hal Turner is, but I suspect there are some Tokyo Rose characters operating here. We do know the Russians are the invaders; that tells me all I need to know. The fact that Putin put “the butcher” in charge of butchering his enemies is confirmation.

      Given the uproar about his newly imposed draft, I keep hoping for a 9 mm regime change.

      • It’s not a draft. Mostly they are simply mobilizing the reserves at this point, much like the US calling up the national guard or Army Reserve.

        The Russians did invade, but to imply that it’s not been provoked is to gloss over nearly a decade of hostility, shelling, and NATO encroachment that they have long said is unacceptable. They finally had enough. While there are no “good guys” in this conflict, NATO and the US are definitely the baddies in this war.

        This is a fairly good breakdown, in broad strokes, of how they got to where we are.

  2. America had a temper tantrum over cuba, honduras, El Salvador….
    But hey Sam can crawl right up the bears rear and we say…Trust Us. 😂😂😂
    I DONT TRUST US, why the heck should any country. Oh right…..Free Shit, just like the 3rd world pigs invading us.

    No, i hope poot catches that pos sell-insky the used car salesman and lights him up…Live on TV and the Net.

    Krainlandia, aint our damn backyard Or our business.

    I’m sure you’d be cool with Chin Bases in Canada and Mexico.

  3. Russia, nee USSR, killer of 10+ million their own in the dekulakization, aka Holodomor, and in other campaigns, is losing the battle to repeat the process in Ukraine, with help from the West, mostly the US.

    As much as I’m against the US intervening overseas, this is a worthy cause, and we aren’t even sending troops. The various oblasts became mostly Russian because the Ukrainians were murdered en masse. It’s sad for the current occupants, but the change needs to be made.

    May Putin and the top 1% of Russians die in a fire, after much suffering.


    • People say we did much the same things to blacks in slavery and the Indian tribes.
      Would we let China put nuke tipped missles on the border of Mexico for it? We sure didn’t go for it in Cuba, did we?
      But to me this isn’t the United States doing anything. (Although were going to be blamed and hopefully not flamed for it.) It’s the elites trying to control Russian resources. Which Putin is trying to preserve for the benefit of his own nation.
      In the end we will see once again this is all about who controls what.
      Blowing up Nordstream just made Germany unable to give in to Russia. And German people will freeze this winter. German industry was just nuked. (By the US.) And the EU is going to be dependent on the US elite controlled resources on which to just survive. And the price will be high even for inflationary times.
      As Rolf says. We’re not the good guys on this one. Just the patsies.

  4. I won’t disagree with the above comments, first, because I’m not there and observing directly, and second, Imposition of Will, for any reason, is messy and convoluted and so is resisting that imposition, one method of which is separation of the cranial control segment from the active physical structure (head off the snake). This is necessarily complicated by the fact that minimal, or non-existent, control may exist over whatever control segment replaces the excised one (the usual solution to that problem is repeated excisions, but as the proverb states “easier said than done.”)

    But….how are we doing on replenishing our stockpiles and who is working how hard on the next generation of Javelins et al?

    • The stockpiles are low, and they haven’t been produced in a while, and last I heard the FedGov was still trying to get production restarted; similarly, Stingers had been out of production for over a decade and last I heard they were still shopping a production contract for them. It may have been accepted since then. in short, our own ammo stockpiles are much lower than they should be across the board, and it’s clear the Russia has been gearing up for this thing for a while, and are burning through ammo and targets much faster that we can match. (i.e., if NATO and RUS formally go hot, it’ll be ugly for a while but NATO is hosed).

      • “…and they haven’t been produced in a while,…”

        I am aware of that, and it’s just as disconcerting now as when I first heard it. Javelins are expensive, but not nearly as expensive as not having enough of them. Which also raises the question, with limited stocks, what are our troops training and practicing with? I would assume nearly everyone here is very aware of how perishable shooting skills are, I would not think maintaining high skill levels, and the best employment techniques, with high-tech weaponry is any less perishable.

        I suspect America will, in the near future, start having intense discussions about “nice to have” and “pretty damn necessary” in regards to disbursement of limited funds.

        • I think one of the goals of the current UKR war is to draw down and use up military stockpiles, used by poorly trained and led troops, so they are largely wasted (not saying they are not killing a lot of good men, they are, but they are not being used efficiently towards goals the US people want advanced), so that when US troop get committed to battle they will be short on supplies and fighting from a limited resources and supplies position. That will both get men, mostly white men, killed, and maximize the mil-industrial complex profits as production increases are rushed. It will also allow for creating “emergency” situations for passing “emergency” legislation.

  5. Ukraine is merely the WEF’s proxy for the Great Reset. The real target isn’t Russia which aside from the nukes, is a minor player. The target is the Deplorables in the US and their counterparts in other Western countries like the Dutch farmers or Canadian truckers. Judging by the comments here in in other conservative fora, the plan is working.

    As for the picture, it is most certainly staged. Get a model, dress her in cammies and pose with a tube.

    • Go read the article. The lady has at least one confirmed tank kill to her credit.
      I sure hate to see what otherwise is a good blog with what I think of as good participants polluted by communist dictator fellow travelers.

      • In the fog of war, what’s a “confirmed kill” or not is as sketchy as a pro street artist at the beach boardwalk. Many things are claimed, and even with video because they are all using Russian equipment (as well as other things), it can be almost impossible to tell for who owns with T90 in the firefight, so both sides might claim it as their own win for propaganda.

      • For my part, I hate to see a good blog polluted by adherents of the globalist oligarchs.

  6. What all this will come down to is who is geared up for production in wartime?
    Russia and China have a very clear advantage.
    And by next year will still be eating fairly well.
    While were hosting drag queen story hours hosted by the
    As for the girl in the picture? Good on her. The fact that she’s posing in what looks like a makeshift garbage pile tells the real story. Ukrainian defenses are becoming more hasty. Sloppy. A drone could spot that position from 5 miles up. (Or maybe looking like a garbage pile is good camo?)
    Anyway, I she makes it.

  7. Grampa’s family moved from Ukraine to Montana in 1908, good timing on their part, so I have always been sort of interested in the country. The Holodomor in 1932 killed millions of Ukranians as part of Stalin’s plan to move to collective farms and get foreign exchange by selling wheat out of the country. Some Jewish communists may have been involved, but it was not a Jewish plot.
    Ukraine didn’t forget, which is why a fair number of them joined the Nazis to fight the Soviets. A stupid plan in hindsight, but it tells you what they thought of the Communists. When the Soviet Union broke up the Ukranians were one of the first out the door.
    They struck a deal with the West to surrender all of their nuclear weapons, about 1700, in response for Western promises to defend them against aggression. Probably should have held out for a real treaty rather than weasel words. They have had real problems with corruption, but economically have done better than most of the old Soviet states.
    You can certainly make an argument that Russia could worry about Nato moving next door, but the Russians were the ones who invaded. If we let Putin start changing borders in Europe at gun point, where will it end? They have been making noises about Poland being next.
    I’m no fan of Biden or deficit spending, but I believe the Ukranians are bleeding in our defense right now and am happy to support them.

    • The parallel between Russian nuke missiles in Cuba and UKR moving into NATO’s sphere are quite striking. The UKR Nazi have been shelling and terrorizing the eastern regions for several years, killing thousands of ethnic Russian civilians. Saying the Russians were wrong for invading is sort of like saying the US was wrong to blockade Cuba in the 60s.

      As far as the global food situation goes, China is in a tight spot, Russia is sitting pretty, and the US has some serious policy problems but it’s not likely we will see serious widespread hunger, but because of stupid policy it is not out of the question for the first time since the 1700s.

      • A) Nobody was planning to put nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Remember, they disposed of their 1700 nuclear weapons when they left the Soviet Union.

        B) There is a huge difference between imposing a blockade and invading a country.

        C) Most countries have episodes in their past that they should be ashamed of. That doesn’t mean they can’t resist other countries doing similar or worse things now.

        • I get why Ukraine would want to fight Russia. Just like we fought the Mex’s.
          But the missile systems Nato has are just a matter of which warhead one screws on the end.
          And only being 200 miles from Moscow was a line everyone already understood Russia would not allow to be crossed.
          Ukraine and Russia could have been forced to the table on this one. It didn’t have to be a war. There was plenty of diplomatic solutions. And Putin laid them on the table from the start.
          But the Elites wanted a war. So they bought one.
          Midian. Then scam elections.
          But no one can say that Russia did not tell them it was going to be war. (Like since the collapse of the soviet union, no NATO/Ukraine.) Putin had to attack before Ukraine joined NATO or article 5 would have been invoked.
          Everyone knew it. And they did it anyway. The only good guy’s in all this are being murdered in an unnecessary war started and run by elite assholes.

    • NATO changed borders at gunpoint in the former Yugoslavia. Since Serbia is a traditional Russian ally, I assume the Russians took note of this.

      And by the way, the American commander of the NATO forces (Wesley Clark) ordered his troops to fire on Russian observers there. Fortunately, the British commander of the NATO troops in proximity got the order countermanded by appealing to the UK government.

      And then there was the bombing of the Chinese embassy. While I am willing to think this was incompetence it is hard to blame the Chinese (and Russians) for thinking it was deliberate.

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