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The creation of a Merchant Category Code for sales at U.S. gun stores will not only not accomplish its intended goal, but is rife for misuse and abuse. Missourians value their Second Amendment rights and oppose any attempts to create a de-facto gun registry. I’m proud to stand up for those rights and will oppose this decision by the major credit card companies at every turn.

Eric Schmitt
Missouri Attorney General
September 21, 2022
Missouri Attorney General slams credit card companies for violation of Second Amendment rights
[Twenty four attorneys general signed a letter sent to American Express, Master Card and VISA CEOs.  I can’t imagine this accomplishing anything more than some positive publicity for the signers of the letter. But it doesn’t hurt our cause any either.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Eric Schmitt

  1. Perhaps he should have reminded the perpetrators that conspiracy to infringe Constitutional rights (which arguably this is) is a federal felony punishable by 10 years in prison.
    The quotes from the usual left wing politicians make it clear that infringing the Constitution is the goal of all this.

    • Good point. They are AG’s. All they have to do is issue warrants for those CEO’s arrest. And that crap would end.
      They could do the same for Zuckerberg and friends as well on 1A violations. As almost all state constitutions mimic the federal one. And all those platforms effect people in their respective states.
      There seems to be a ton of ways to fight back on multiple fronts. If the right would just drop the pretenses and get after it.
      But something tells me not to hold my breath waiting.

  2. “I can’t imagine this accomplishing anything more than some positive publicity for the signers of the letter..”

    In point of fact:
    Mr Schmitt won the recent Republican primary for the Senate seat being vacated by the retirement of the turncoat ass Roy Blunt. At this time in Missouri, that is the de facto election as the demoncrap party’s statewide position has steadily diminished in the past few years.

    Schmitt has made similar ‘pro 2A’ statements, as well as actions as Attorney General, in the past, and it is hoped both he and Senator Hawley won’t succumb to the corrupting atmosphere in D.C. that seemingly has the tendency to turn pro- civil rights politicians into statist lackeys like Blunt (see also John Ashcroft) turned out to be when no longer accountable to the electorate.

  3. “The creation of a Merchant Category Code for sales at U.S. gun stores will not only not accomplish its intended goal…”

    I’m curious as to why the AG appears confident in the belief that he knows the “intended goal”. Is that an act? Is he running interference for the credit card companies by assigning good intentions and lack of forethought to them while knowing perfectly well that their intentions are something else entirely and that they know precisely what they are doing?

    Are they blithering fools, or are they knowing criminals? And which description benefits them during their trials?

    And that broaches the subject of who are the real friends of liberty, and who are pretending to be the friends of liberty while dutifully serving the enemy.

    Doesn’t it?

    Or is AG Schmidt simply unable to say what he means, or doesn’t understand the meanings of his words? “Intended” goals and “stated” goals are not the same things, and one would think that an Attorney General would know the difference.

    And if no one, not even a high level, legal language professional, can be bothered to say what he means any longer, or if no one is expected to even know what they mean, and if it is unacceptable to demand that someone explain himself unambiguously, with absolute clarity, then why bother having a conversation at all? What would be the point, other than to delay the inevitable violence?

  4. As long as the Fed Bois are committed commie leftists NOBODY will suffer any consequences for this willful collusion to deny the exercise of a Constitutional Right. This is all nothing but hot air and theatrics. State AGs are powerless to do much if anything to these companies. And any attempt would be smacked down by one of the lefts pet black robed pirates infesting a Federal Bench.

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