Super volcano awakens

This is ominous:

A supervolcano has had its alert level increased in the wake of 700 earthquakes occurring nearby.

Taupō volcano, which is a supervolcano situated underneath New Zealand‘s largest lake, Lake Taupō, had its Volcanic Alert Level (VAL) increased from 0 to 1 on September 20. Level 1 indicates minor volcanic unrest, according to GeoNet, a geological hazard agency in New Zealand.

Lake Taupō sits within the giant caldera of a supervolcano on New Zealand’s North Island, roughly six miles above the magma chamber. The volcano has erupted 25 times in the last 12,000 years, most recently in the year A.D. 232, resulting in the largest and most violent eruption on Earth in the past 5,000 years.

If it erupted 25 times in the last 12,000 years, that is an average of once every 480 years. With the most recent eruption in 232, then it is “overdue” (these things are not anywhere near that regular) by about 1,300 years.

Even now, pools of water 30 miles away boil from the heat.

By definition, a super volcano erupts with 1,000 km3 (about 240 cubic miles – a cube of material over 6.2 miles on a side) of material ejected. An eruption like that will give us some “climate change” to deal with.

Prepare appropriately.


9 thoughts on “Super volcano awakens

  1. Interesting. I looked a bit in Wikipedia; it seems the famous Krakatao eruption that destroyed half its island, was heard 3000 miles away, and drastically affected the weather for several years (not “climate” — a few years of change isn’t climate change, politicians notwithstanding) doesn’t qualify for “supervolcano” status.
    I suppose not all eruptions of a supervolcano are at the super-eruption level, though. Still, it sounds like they are saying “we might get an eruption that makes Krakatao look like a small event.”

  2. Sounds like we should lance that boil. (So far as I know, we’re not able to do such things yet.)

    If I owned land on North Island, I’d sell now.

  3. “In New Zealand, we use a system of Volcanic Alert Levels to define the current status of each volcano. The alert levels range from 0 to 5. The alert levels are used to guide any appropriate response.” Unrest 1 Minor volcanic unrest

    All right people settle down.

    • I think that system of volcano eruption warning was tried out in Oregon in 1980, and is based on the earthquake warning system developed in California since 1906.

  4. Not sure how much it would affect us north of the equator. But it would certainly screw up the south part for a while.
    They said when Crater lake in the Cascades went off it. It blew out 7 cubic mile in one shot. And ash was found all the way in Canada.
    By comparison, Mount St. Helens was 3/4 cubic mile. And I’m not sure but I thought that Krakatoa was 27 cubic miles.
    But on the bright side Bill Gates won’t have to go through with SO2/sun block program to cool the planet. And it might just screw up a bunch of elitist’s bunker plans for the great reset!

    • Mount Tambora in 1815 was, I believe, even larger than Krakatoa. It resulted in 1816, the “Year Without Summer.”

    • Perhaps the volcano threat to their bunkers will chill the jets of the WEF attempts to provoke nuclear war.

      I was hoping the volcano would be closer to the capital.

  5. And the climate change this will bring will somehow be the fault of ICE vehicles, white men and the USA…..

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