Quote of the day—Carmine Sabia @CarmineSabia

Joe Biden used MAGA the way other dictators have used people of certain races and religions. It was pure evil. The president of the United States declared war on half the nation in an attempt to hang on to power.

Carmine Sabia @CarmineSabia
Tweeted on September 2, 2022
[I’m so glad we were able to elect someone who could unite us again inside of the previous guy who was so divisive.—Joe]


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  1. Even some in the liberal press are unhappy.

    From Bloomberg: Biden Can’t See Why America Is in Trouble :

    “… he made the White House a wholly owned subsidiary of the disdainful progressive left. It’s unclear whether he believes in the positions he’s promoted and acquiesced in, whether he’s been captured by activist advisers, or simply doesn’t know what’s going on. But he certainly hasn’t pulled the Democrats back to the moderate center.”

    “Study Thursday’s speech for any sign of understanding why Trump still polls almost even with Biden. You’ll find none. The president droned on about the soul of the nation and the threat to democracy — while telling his audience that the economy is strong, the long-overdue work of building social justice has begun, and the norms of good government are safe in his hands. Odd that democracy is dying when everything is so great.”


    Note the word democracy. It seems that we’ve become a democracy rather than a republic. I suspect that if he had used the word republic most people would not even understand.

    • All good Chet. And this from Bloomberg? The clueless dystopian elitist press?
      They should report the real news. That Obama’s speech the other night was marching orders for his brown shirts.
      “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”
      Joe Biden, 2 September 2022
      Which is why the next day we get this from the hung-over moron. “C’mon, look guys, I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country.”
      Joe Biden, 3 September 2022
      Which leads me to this conclusion; and the real news that should be reported by Bloomberg. “Joe Biden isn’t in control of own bowel movements, let alone the country.”
      It seems republics have constitutions as their main operating system, while democracies run on emotional voters.
      But of one thing we can be certain.
      But neither are run by idiots for very long.

  2. And a senior White House advisor decided to clarify that he was, in fact, speaking in his capacity as Commander in Chief…

    … which per the Constitution is a title only applicable when the military is “in service to the United States”…

    … which means he just talked about militaristic war with half the country.

    What a guy!

  3. The lefts open display of blatant hostility has more than one message for those paying attention. One of those lessons is they now believe they simply do not have to worry about popularity, opinion polls or what any voter might actually feel, think or believe. They are IN CHARGE and they intend to stay there….by whatever means required. They can now steal ANY ELECTED OFFICE they choose to steal and do so with total impunity. Our laws NO LONGER APPLY TO THEM.

    • Ya, ironic as irony gets. It does appear the satanic state has placed themselves where they can claim any future elections are stolen by the MAGA crowd.
      It appears there is a backlash coming that even the brainwashed can understand.
      Didn’t that speech also set “old sniffy”, up to take the fall? Thus the walk back the day after?

      • Pedo Joe was deliberately installed to be a convenient scapegoat for those truly wielding power. When he becomes too much of a liability he’s gone…to be replaced by a new scapegoat. What they REALLY don’t want is for people to know who is ACTUALLY running things. They were not elected, they are not accountable and they are almost all anonymous.

  4. Joe Biden is a machine politician. In other words, the Potemkin front for “men behind the curtain”. Machine politicians are chosen for their ability to follow orders from their bosses, and because they are able to fake a friendly demeanor often enough, and avoid scandal too big for their accomplices in the media to cover up.

    I guess the bosses succeeded this time. Last time they picked what they thought was a machine politician (Obama, another guy who never worked a real job a day in his life) they got someone with delusions of independence. Not this time.

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