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Across England and Wales, knife-related crime is at its highest level since 2011, with the year ending March 2018 having seen a 16% increase from the previous 12 months, the Office of National Statistics says.

The issue has also received international attention, in part due to US President Donald Trump’s comment in May that an unnamed London hospital was like a “war zone,” with “blood all over the floors” due to knife crime. Trump did not provide detail or evidence for his assertion.

Rob Picheta
November 6, 2018
UK children have highest risk of being stabbed on way home from school, study finds
[I find this interesting in multiple ways.

  • Picheta laments the high level of “knife-related crime”, yet a couple paragraphs latter suggests that Trump made an unfounded assertion. Is Picheta’s memory span that short?
  • “Knife crime”. They have banned almost all guns and many knives. Carrying a knife in public, with a very few exceptions, is illegal there. Perhaps they should consider criminal control rather than inanimate object control.
  • It is further support for Just one question.

See also Knife Control.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rob Picheta

  1. ” Perhaps they should consider criminal control rather than inanimate object control.”
    Spot on, Joe.
    I might add that certain peoples have been imported to those areas of England that don’t mind stabbing their fellows over increasingly minor offences?
    As has been proven in this country. When one looks at a crime map. Removing certain cities, then neighborhoods in those cities. Reduces most all crime to manageable level.
    It seems to me most all of it can be attributed to persons of low impulse control. Regardless of other factors. Many of which are imported I suspect, for just that reason.

  2. Britain’s problem is NOT knives. Anymore than OUR problem is guns.
    The problem is the PEOPLE. Britain has imported countless turd world
    wastes of skin…..who do exactly what subhuman POS animals do.
    We empower and enable OUR turd worlders allowing them to run amok
    committing crimes with little to no fear of legal consequences. Till we
    change how we deal with the two legged animals we allow to wander the
    streets both here and there our problems will only expand.

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