Quote of the day—Letitia James

Responsible gun control measures save lives and any attempts by the gun lobby to tear down New York’s sensible gun control laws will be met with fierce defense of the law,

Letitia James
August 31, 2022
New York to enact new gun restrictions in response to supreme court decision
[I read this and hear the echoes of politicians responding to the 1865 passage of the 13th Amendment with the Jim Crow laws.

It probably will take at least a full generation before hey will lose the power and prestige they know belongs to them and their ilk. But eventually we will laugh at them as they are marginalized, finally lose their grip on power, and are occasionally prosecuted as the lash out with violence at their frustration of losing so much.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Letitia James

  1. I would suggest nothing works better than giving the spoiled bitches what they want?
    They’re already complaining about the few illegals Texas sent there way.
    I see no reason why Cloward-Piven can’t be a two-way range exercise?
    Everybody knows what the James is saying is bullshit. Especially her.
    So bottle it up, throw in some more, and smirk when they start hunting the rich.
    I would point out that they have been at this gun-control thing for over a century in New York. They have set out to deliberately train whole generations of morons to be thieves and murderers.
    Time to let it enjoy the fruits of its labor? As this is the only way it truly ends.
    The rest of the country needs to start acting like New York, only in a way that protects it’s citizens from the moronics of communism.
    They don’t care what our laws say. (By refusing to act under the constitution and laws/decisions made in pursuance thereof.) Why should we care what theirs say?
    We won’t need a national divorce if communism is no longer allowed to live off the blessing God gives to America.
    It would die faster than a grasshopper in a snowstorm.

  2. Don’t count the gun grabbers out. They’ve suffered some setbacks. But they have one overwhelming advantage. They NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how many times they fail they know that they only need to keep trying. Eventually they will succeed. And once a law infringing our rights gets passed it’s very close to impossible to undo that law.

    • They never give up, and they have a vast army of useful idiots who need no convincing to remain true believers and vote for harmful laws.

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