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My ideal land use distribution (based heavily on KSR): all agricultural land is collectively owned and scientifically managed to balance quantity, quality, and variety of food against sustainability and ethical practices. No single-family or corporate for-profit farms.

Adam Kotsko @adamkotsko
Tweeted on August 22, 2022
[I think “KSR” means “Knowledge and Social Responsibility.”

As collective farms have always worked out so well when and wherever they have been attempted.

As Robb Allen @ItsRobbAllen said:

My God, the hubris & ignorance to believe this level of central management is even possible is simply breathtaking.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Recall the saying about history and learning from it…

    Some are blind to facts and know without doubt that THEY are correct and right.

    Those same people would use whatever methods necessary to enforce their “visions” unto the rest of us.

    Ensure that your precious metals (brass & lead) stocks are deep.

    Jeff B.

    • And many, if called out, will claim that their ideological predecessors just didn’t do it “right”, and it will be different this time (read: with them in charge).

      Never mind that it’s been tried multiple times on a national scale, in multiple places, adjusting multiple variables, and has never worked (for some definition of “worked”) for more than a generation or two … and then only at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

      [sarcasm] But sure, let’s sacrifice a few million more to try it again, based on some fool’s vague promise that this time it will be different, this time they’ll do it “right”. [/sarcasm]

  2. Not Kansas Sports Radio?
    Adams name is appropriate; he probably thinks he’s the first genius to come up with this failure of a plan.

  3. Collective farms worked out just fine for those with the guns to enforce their existence.

    • Yes, and as Ben Franklin posited. “Those that beat their swords into plow shears, will end up plowing for those that didn’t.”

      “My God, the hubris & ignorance to believe this level of central management is even possible is simply breathtaking.”
      Thanks Rob.
      My guess is Adam took to much LSD while reading, “The Velvet Monkeywrench.”
      Although there are a number of things that could account for such. Masters degree, being dropped to much as a child, High fevers, etc.

      • Or, as in Japanese, Korean and Chinese peasant communities, those who have only their hands and feet, must use those plowshares and whatever farm implements are at hand to defend themselves against spears and swords.

  4. Of course once the land is in the benevolent hands of the Democrats, I’m sure he’ll be first in line to go work those fields, in return for a scrap or two of rat-gnawed bread.

    • As an early revolutionary, he will be in the second group to “volunteer.” And he can write to the new chief “Comrade” and explain how there is some mistake, he has always been loyal and worked hard and was never a counterrevolutionary saboteur.
      If we (and he) are lucky he won’t have to find out how wrong he was, and continue to believe his absurd Government religion.

  5. We are all going to relearn, what our grandfathers knew well, that winter is a time deprivation including being cold without enough to eat. Are you the grasshopper or the ant? And will you be punished for being the ant?

    Our slogan should be Winter’s Coming!

  6. They are wilfully ignorant of history or reality.

    This is the mentality of children.

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