Quote of the day—Aidan Johnston

It proves what GOA has been saying for decades, which is that the origin of gun control is racist.

Gun laws come from a majority trying to suppress or dominate or control a minority, whether it be a minority of Catholics in early America, or a minority of Native Americans when there’s colonials trying to take over the continent.

Aidan Johnston
Gun Owners of America director of federal affairs
August 23, 2022
New York Trying To Resurrect Racist Laws To Restrict Gun Ownership
[New York City’s Sullivan act of 1911, restricting purchase and carry, was openly known to be racist and celebrated by the NY Times for this:

The first person convicted under the law was an Italian immigrant named Marino Rossi who was traveling to a job interview and carrying a revolver for fear of the Black Hand. At sentencing the judge declared: “It is unfortunate that this is the custom with you and your kind, and that fact, combined with your irascible nature, furnishes much of the criminal business in this country.” Prior to Marino’s arrest, others had been arrested under the new law but were released without charges. Whether this was part of the law’s intent, it was passed on a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-Italian rhetoric as a measure to disarm an alleged Italian and immigrant criminal element. The police department who granted the licenses could easily discriminate against “undesirable” elements. Days before the law took effect The New York Times published an article saying “Low-browed foreigners bargained for weapons of every description and gloated over their good fortune in hearing of the drop in the gun market before it was too late”. After Rossi’s conviction The New York Times called this “warning to the Italian community” both “timely and exemplary”.

And, as can be expected today, Sullivan, the creator of this racist anti-gun law, was a Democrat.

Today’s Democrats are invoking even earlier laws which prohibited native Americans and Catholics from exercising their rights to keep and bear arms as justification for modern day infringements.

They have no shame. I hope they enjoy their trials.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Aidan Johnston

  1. “The police department who granted the licenses could easily discriminate against “undesirable” elements.”

    When discretion is available, it allows corruption. Surely some police were being paid or threatened by Black Hand?

  2. All good. But to me it’s a matter of trust. Gun control assumes someone with a gun is nefarious. And should somehow have to prove their worthiness to the powers that be.
    This is a complete inversion of reality. Those that seek power over others are the ones that should prove themselves worthy. As they are the ones most likely to do the most harm in society. And have proven themselves countless times to be the most nefarious, criminally insane group to ever walk the planet.
    And should suffer constant scrutiny.
    Not those that seek to equalize themselves to others.
    If anyone wants to disarm you. It’s always to exercise control over you.
    The history of gun control is racism. But racism is just a means to an end also.
    The mindset of ignorance and domination is what drives both and all.
    And therein lies the battle.

  3. I think it was Stephen Halbrook who documented that, about 1000 years ago in Europe, it was the practice when freeing a slave to give the newly minted freeman a shield and a spear.
    That demonstrates the essence of what defines a free man: he has the right to be armed. Conversely, slaves were disarmed, even (in the USA) after they were nominally freed.
    You can also find this point very clearly in the text of the Dred Scott decision. One big reason Taney claimed a black man could not be a citizen is that, if he were considered one, he’d have the right to be armed.

    • I have got to get and read Taney’s decision. He conflated all black men into the category of slaves, and that is bad reasoning from a bad judge.

  4. The fundamental purpose of ‘gun control’ is CONTROL. Always has been.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s the KKK keeping blacks under their thumb or some other ethnic group being targeted…..or ALL OF US being disarmed so a small group of
    evil power mongers can wield power. The point is ALWAYS about control. NOT
    about crime, safety or lives being saved.

    • Not just ethnic groups; cultural groups, too. It’s even better if, as nowadays, you can convince the targeted groups that to support the oppression is virtuous.

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