Quote of the day—Kathy Hochul

We’re not going backwards. They may think they can change our lives with the stroke of a pen, but we have pens, too.

The founding of a great country that cherished the rights of individuals, freedoms and liberty for all.

I am standing here to protect freedom and liberty here in the state of New York.

Kathy Hochul
New York State Governor
July 2, 2022
N.Y. Lawmakers Respond on Guns and Abortion After Supreme Court Rulings
[This was shortly before signing a gun owner control bill:

The state’s new gun law bars the carrying of handguns in many public settings such as subways and buses, parks, hospitals, stadiums and day cares. Guns will be off-limits on private property unless the property owner indicates that he or she expressly allows them. At the last minute, lawmakers added Times Square to the list of restricted sites.

The law also requires permit applicants to undergo 16 hours of training on the handling of guns and two hours of firing range training, as well as an in-person interview and a written exam. Applicants will also be subject to the scrutiny of local officials, who will retain some discretion in the permitting process.

As Lyle has frequently said (paraphrasing), they demand the freedom to do evil.

They won’t stop until they are prosecuted or die off.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kathy Hochul

  1. “The founding of a great country that cherished the rights of individuals, freedoms and liberty for all.” (Just not little unborn babies)
    “I am standing here to protect freedom and liberty here in the state of New York.”
    (Protecting yourself doesn’t have anything to do freedom and liberty?)
    Do these people ever listen to themselves? Not a thought for what comes out of their gapping yaps?
    How f–k’in embarrassing…..especially for New York. That even an un-elected governor could say something so moronic, with a straight face, is beyond the pail.
    The real crux is that everyone knows it’s a lie. Especially her. So, does Kathy think everyone is that stupid? Or just powerless against her stupidity?
    Certainly points to the depth of the rabbit hole were wedged into.
    It seems the global elite have built quite the fantasy world. And they dare not admit it’s un-reality.

  2. The training requirement in response to a mass shooter is particularly stupid. They want to make sure future mass murderers are well-trained in marksmanship, reloading, and clearing of malfunctions.

  3. This is particularly offensive in light of the prosecution of Jose Alba, who is on the hook for murder charges because he defended himself lethally from an unwarranted attack.

  4. Well nobody is gonna prosecute them….and odds are they arent’ going to ‘die off’….at least not without a lot of help.

  5. If Hochul disavows the foundational Constitutional structure that is the basis for The United States of America, does that not call into question much of the existence of individual states under that structure? Certainly, states existed before the Consitution, but by ratifying it, and accepting financial assistance from the central government operating under the Constitution, is there not an obligation to participate in the consortium by accepting the Constitutional structure ?

    Separately, under what authority does a governor have the power to mandate in detail the operation of privately funded and privately operated businesses?

    If a government “goes rogue” are the citizens obligated to obey it nonetheless? In such case are the citizens of other states which maintain membership and participation in the consortium still obligated to provide funding, or other obligations, for it in whole or in part?

    IOW, is Hoschul stating a desire to secede, and can secession be performed not in the entirety but “just a little bit”? If so, perhaps other states also would like to begin “seceding just a little bit” from central government policies, practices and mandates.

  6. There is maybe one little ray of positivity in the Gubnuh’s bizarre language. Take note of the fact that he’s using our terminology of liberty. THAT means he’s a follower and not a leader, it shows that, even though he hates it, he knows what’s good, and therefore he knows what he must imitate. He knows what he must pretend to be. But some of us understand what he is doing.

    His words remind me of the Republican politicians of the late 1960s and early ‘70s who attempted to sort of go along with the « Mod » generation, or the hippies, by wearing polyester suit pants which had a slight bell-bottom to them. Everyone knew that it was stupid, pandering, condescending, altogether un-hip and disingenuous, and that they absolutely did not comprehend what was going on around them in the world but instead were merely listening to their trained public image advisors regarding fashion.

    It also reminds me of the business owner I worked for during that same era, who’d inherited a store chain from his father, went to business school, and learned to wear makeup. They teach these things in business school. He was an absolutely terrible businessman who set bad examples and made horrible decisions, but he wore the right brand of suits, carried the correct briefcase, drove the right car, and knew how to do his makeup every morning before going to work. He went bankrupt within about a year after taking over the business his father had built up over the span of decades. The politicians of today are equally, morally bankrupt.

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