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When the Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that segregated schools were illegal, many politicians in the South refused to obey. In Virginia opponents of the Court’s decision proudly called this “massive resistance,” and a decade of social strife followed. These days the massive resistance is on the political left, as exemplified by New York state’s new gun law that defies the Supreme Court’s late June ruling solidifying individual gun rights.

The Editorial Board
Wall Street Journal
New York’s ‘Massive Resistance’ to the Supreme Court on Guns
Albany passes a law that willfully defies the ruling that the right to bear arms extends beyond the home.

[I find it very telling that in both cases it is the Democrats who are opposed to the exercise of civil rights to the point of defying the Supreme Court of the United States.

I hope they Enjoy Their Trial.—Joe]


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  1. Well, once again where does it say anything in the constitution about bussing? Or that people can’t segregate along racial or economic lines?
    There isn’t anything. Therefor it’s a state issue. Or a people’s issue. Not the fed one.
    And for defying laws? The only people that haven’t gotten away with that are the J6 people.
    Everything from aiding and abiding illegal immigration, to influence pedaling on a massive scale. Voter fraud. To name but a few.
    (I would posit the laws they haven’t broken would be a much smaller, and more easily assembled list.)
    The real crux of the matter is that the narrative is much more important to them than the law. And that, our society cannot long abide.
    As Dutch farmers are finding out. There is no way to peacefully get along with them.
    For the life of me I don’t know what the gun problem is. I mean, every time people give them up. The government just starts gunning people down. So why all the complaining about people shooting?
    Their just pissed off they can’t do it themselves?

    • And on a side note. An ex-prime minister of Japan has been murdered by a gun.
      Why haven’t those gun things been band over there yet?
      It just doesn’t make any sense.

      • IIRC, when Commander Perry inquired why the Japanese were so backwards as to not have firearms, he was told “Oh, we gave up on those things 300 years ago. They are inferior to a sword”. RIP Abe.

        Side note to the side note: Courtesy of the USN, I was in Japan for a week. I’ve never felt safer in any country (most of the time). A shipmate who had lived there was my “tourist” guide. We went to see the Emperor’s digs. There were armored riot troops staged in yellow school busses around the perimeter. We left without investigating. An interesting country…

        • I’m sure we could learn a lot from the Japanese people. (Not just that gun control has failed again.)
          Like in construction, we use to have a saying;
          “You may not know who’s it is. But you certainly know who’s it isn’t.”
          I heard tell that after the earthquake and tsunami. That stores owners actually had to tell people to go in and take what they needed. Because they would starve or do without before taking something that did not belong to them.
          I had a friend tell me you could leave your shoes in downtown Toyko. And they would probably be there two days later. Maybe that’s from 100’s of years of being hacked to death by samurai’s for stealing?
          I do know the few I’ve met have been polite. And seemed to be honorable people.
          Not sure all that’s true. but if it is. We could use some.

  2. can someone tell gunfreezone they have been hacked.
    my norton shuts it down when I try to go there.

  3. 1954 was before 1968 and the “Southern Strategy”.

    ‘Nuff said.


  4. The Demonrats openly defy SCOTUS rulings they don’t like for a very simple reason. They pay NO PRICE for doing so. And as long as that it the ugly reality they have no reason to cease doing so. Just like all the other crimes they routinely commit.

  5. WSJ seems in denial that the administration they helped install won’t do anything as long as it is the right people exercising defiance.

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