Quote of the day—John Cardillo @johncardillo

The left pushed deviance and their hatred of America way too hard.

Normal Americans are finally pushing back much harder.

The tide is turning so the left is going to become even more demonic and vicious.

Take nothing for granted. Do not let your guard down. Buy guns and ammo.

John Cardillo @johncardillo
Tweeted on July 1, 2020
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Cardillo @johncardillo

  1. Agreed: “Buy guns and ammo” and learn how to use them skillfully.

  2. The tide may be turning, but that will not be enough. Only a complete collapse – where survival of the fittest rule – along with a massive die off will deter the left, otherwise demographics will rule.

    • Well, lucky us, just like Sri Lanka, that’s where we’re going, except this is America, and we’ll do it bigger, harder and louder.

      As for demographics… except for the free-shit army (which is truly diverse, seriously), the Hispanics that come to America are shifting right and/or liberty. Don’t get caught by the “demographics mean we lose” agitprop.

    • And die off we will – we are at peak oil now – and the greens are going to get their wish. It is time to resurrect The Oil Drum.

      • Try thermal-depolymerization, Chet. When it finally dawns on us that we can turn communists into “light sweet crude”. The future looks much brighter!
        Truly, the irony of a “communist powered”, gas-guzzling SUV, blasting down an empty freeway at 90mph. And only getting 10 mpg, has to bring a smile to your face.
        It does mine.

  3. I call it the Charlie Manson syndrome. Where a group of people think they can collapse a system while hiding away, till the fighters kill themselves off.
    Then they come back out as the rulers.
    As pointed out in above comments, Sri Lanka’s elite are finding out the hard way what working for satan actually means. (Or maybe Kali in their case.)
    The author is right. Don’t stop your preps for a minute. Were far, too far along in the process to stop it.
    Our mindset should be to fight through. As necessity will truly help us “build back better”.
    Just think what you could accomplish with that extra 30% the government won’t be taking? (That is if you have a job that is actually useful to someone else.)
    One winter without power and hydrocarbons and places like DC will be ghost towns.
    Without them were free to do what works. With the tech we have, what works can be shared and made available to all that are willing to be doer’s.
    Liberal communism is a death-cult religion of domination. A lazy stupid one.
    Were going to have to learn to be more ruthless than they to survive.
    But if anyone can be? It’s Americans.
    We scare the crap out of the whole world.

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