Quote of the day—Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy

We will stop you.
We will repeal your laws.
We will restore natural rights.

We are winning.

You will cope and seethe.

Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy
Tweeted on June 6, 2022
[Donate to the Firearms Policy Coalition here. I donate nearly $1700/year to the Firearms Policy Foundation and get a tax deduction.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy

  1. Them’s tall words. Almost as tall as the left’s, “We will end the use of fossil fuels. We will create a global, all-inclusive system wherein you will own nothing and be happy…..[or else]”.

    One can have all manner of earnest intentions, even good ones, but what will it matter in a cashless society when all transactions are filtered through a global, centrally planned, social credit scoring system? Do you have a plan for that? Does the FPC have a plan for that? What role will personal smallarms play in such a system?

  2. It would be a whole lot less messy if they can do it legislatively. Good on you and them, Joe! Thanks!

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