Quote of the day—Danny Westneat

More than 400 officers have left while crime has soared. This past week The Seattle Times and KUOW reported new sex assault cases aren’t being investigated because of understaffing. Meanwhile, the softer approaches envisioned for community safety still are in the pilot stages.

This past week the city announced it is refunding 100,000 parking tickets and voiding another 100,000 because of an oversight — namely that the parking enforcement officers, who are civilians, were not regranted the authority to write tickets after they were switched out of the Police Department last fall.

Danny Westneat
June 4, 2022
Seattle’s botched experiment with defund the police keeps getting worse
[Emphasis added. I cannot believe these people are this stupid. It has to be intentional. These people are verifiably evil.—Joe]


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  1. I do think that they are that stupid, but they are not idiots. Their job is to manage public resources, but their only role that they care about and are qualified for is as a SJW which is why they were elected in the first place. They and their electors could care less about management. They would rather see it all burned down if they cannot have their way.

    That said, they all need to be isolated from society, but, of course, that is not going to happen. Instead, we get to watch our civilization destroyed because we can’t seem to get our own act together to offer a viable alternative and now it is too late.

    Ironically, we do have something in common with them – we support the same ‘or else’ as they support.

  2. Never fall for the “botched experiment” excuse again! In this information technology society they can no longer claim the excuse of ignorance! We’ve known of the evil foundations, the evil intentions and the evil results of the Marxist/socialist/communist/leftist/fascist/papist systems for many generations already. We should be utterly and totally impervious to any of their arguments by now.

    Hold them directly accountable for the intentional, planned, systematic instigation and promotion of chaos. They knew the results ahead of time, they wanted those results, and to a large extent they’re getting those results. They are dangerous criminals, and enemies, and if you value your communities you’d best get them behind bars post haste.

    But that’s not how this is going go, is it? The conservative movement is not a movement at all. They don’t move when motion is necessary, and they move backward when holding the line is required. At best they’re paralyzed by fear of the accusations from the papist left. At worst they’re the allies of the left. They have no foundations and no principles they won’t compromise. Their only remaining principle and firm commitment is to compromise. They are utterly ineffective and totally worthless, and will in the long run have done nothing but delay the inevitable, thus making things worse. And so it will get much, much worse.

    • As Lt. Col. Scheller says. There has to be accountability.
      That’s how it used to be. Someone had to be the patsy. But it’s a good tell, on how far down the rabbit hole we are when they don’t even bother.
      As for conservatives, their just doing what their paid to do. Hey, it’s nice to know that when one buys a politician, he stays bought. It a solid work ethic to build on.
      We just need to show them the carrot. And give them a little whack with the stick for motivation from our side.

  3. I agree with Chet. And even stupid creatures can be cunning.
    “I cannot believe these people are this stupid. It has to be intentional. These people are verifiably evil.—Joe”
    But as luck would have it, both can carry the same penalty. So not to worry.
    It’s really just business anyway. As soon as Blackrock can buy the place for pennies on the dollar. It will all turn around in a heartbeat.
    But that’s when you will get hit with 100% increase on your taxes to pay to clean up this mess, with that new shiny federal police force. Bonuses and overtime all around.
    One good thing, we can really see why our forefathers hated democracy. And why they wrote down the 2A!

  4. For some of the SJW persuasion, crime is CAUSED by enforcement. If there is no enforcement, the “people” will not commit crimes. If they do, it is your fault.

  5. So, ladies, now is a great time to become pro-gun, get training, buy an appropriate gun, and start packing regularly, because the cops not only won’t rescue you, they may not even be bothered to follow up after you drag yourself to the hospital. They will just misfile the paperwork, and go out for coffee and doughnuts.

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