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I’m tempted to respond, “Good question!” But, actually, their actions just confirm what I’ve known for decades. That is, the political left considers gun owners their mortal enemy.


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  1. Good point, but the reality is that Hillary, Obama, Biden and crowd don’t give a damn about Ukrainians, nor do they care how many die.

    What they do care about is apostate Russia because Putin is opposed to leftist ideals and wants to reestablish the Eastern Church along with strict moral guidelines.

    • He does? Putin is a communist, which means he serves the three pillars of communism: lying, stealing, and murdering. Lip service to the Orthodox church is just a way to support those goals, not anything more real than that.

      • Note that I am not saying that Putin is a nice guy, but it seems that he views the West as decant and morally depraved.

        Ask why our leftist and our government hate him so much? Surely it is not because he is a communist since they are all but communist themselves. And look at what our own leftist are pushing. It seems that they view drag as the soul of America. And even the federal school lunch program is being used to force drag on kids.

        There are reports that Putin is building 3 new churches a day in Russia. “The Orthodox Church’s influence has grown in recent years as it has received increased support from the Kremlin. Last year, Patriarch Kirill announced that 25 new churches were built in Moscow alone.”

        “Kirill has called Mr. Putin’s long tenure “a miracle of God,” and has characterized the war as a just defense against liberal conspiracies to infiltrate Ukraine with “gay parades.””

      • Of all that Putin is. He loves Russia. And he, and his KGB friends are the ones that implemented the moral subversion program that is destroying America and all the west.
        Remember Yuri Bezmenov?
        Why would Putin and Xi want that in their countries? It has already destroyed them. They have already murdered their millions. Destroyed their infrastructure. Done harm that will never be repaired to their people.
        All we see going on is to destroy America. It’s not going to establish anything. We could very easily end up as tribal as Afghanistan for the next 100 years.
        Although were Americans. And the hard motherf–kers that survive will rebuild quickly.
        That doesn’t change what the dumber half of Americans are doing today.
        Anyone who takes an objective look at humans. Realizes that they love the thought of god and heaven. It’s a strong instinct. Why would Putin fight against it? When he can use it to build his nation stronger? Helps him pacify and control his people?
        In a 100 years China will be a Christian nation for no other reason than how it helps people work and live. And deal with life in general.
        They don’t have to be believers. Just smart enough to witness the phenomenon, and use it to their advantage.
        Hell, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi claim to be Catholic. I even seen Bill and Hillary in church. Why?
        So, Putin’s building churches.

      • Stalin loosened the persecution of priests and such during WW2 when he needed everyone to fight past the last bullet to save his regime. He also almost became a priest when he was 17. He was still the epitome of Stalinism and completely contemptuous of religion.
        Putin wants to use religion for his own purposes, as do the Leftists in America who are suborning America’s Christians to support Leftism rather than Christianity.

  2. The implication is, that they are the Ukies. And we are the Russians in all this.
    They know they cannot prevail in the coming shit-storm with what little they have.
    The shit-storm is a moral crisis that is coming to a head. It can’t be stopped. Only survived.
    And all they have is the internet under control. What were witnessing is the last desperate acts to survive, by government.
    Once the pimple pops, their out gunned, out maneuvered, surrounded, with their supply lines cut.
    George Soro knows it. Even if congress is to stupid to figure it out. I would posit that is exactly why George put them there. It a fine joke actually.
    No one is going to disarm us. But they can sure get us to kill each other. Which means the world will be wide open.
    The real question has always been. What will you be willing to give up in order for the hell on earth to end?
    Gun control is like what Jeff Goldbloom said in Jurassic park. “Ya, wonderful now. Then later there’s…. Running….And screaming.”

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