5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—ENOUGH ALREADY! Wear a damn Mask! @moluvs2dive

  1. At least no one can accuse me of voting for Joe Biden! HAHAHAHAHA!
    I’ll take a little dick and a big gun any day!
    And Kamala Harris? You think she would make a good president if Joe goes down? HAHAHAHAHA, oh God, your killing me!
    You actually went out of your way to vote for those two smoking piles?
    You gave 85 billion in guns to the Taliban, and think starting a war with the largest nuke power in the world is a good idea. Over a shit-hole like Ukraine? (It’s Russia’s Mexico, The fastest way to screw up Russia is to let him have it!)
    Plus, letting Mexican cartels transport all the fentanyl China can produce through a wide open So.border?
    Then you want to try shame us into giving up our guns with that leak-ass crap-headed, bait-an-switch, Freudian BS, theory he came up with after 3 day coke, booze, and hookers? HAHAHAHA!
    You f–k’in people are insane. But entertaining!
    This Moluvs thing probably even has a degree in something! HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. I get her point–it is necessary to get your children used to carrying firearms. However, you can’t expect him to have his kids with him all the time.

  3. That’s not an argument. And two can play at the game anyway;
    Enough already! Stop your damn harping about masks!

    In fact we could simply be promoting the slogan, “Enough Already! We’re Done! No More Leftist/Papist Ideology!”

    Is where you leftists want to bring the discussion? because it appears that you’re actually working on it.

    • Discussion? Communist don’t discuss anything. When was the last reasoned debate you saw on 1/10 of the issues were facing today?
      More debate goes on between Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Moore over a pizza, than policy in this country.

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