Quote of the day—Gwenie @GwenieThinks

If black people start purchasing AR15’s today, gun reform laws will begin tomorrow!!!

Gwenie @GwenieThinks
Tweeted on May 27, 2022
[There are number of different things that could be going on here:

  1. Her projection is displaying her racism.
  2. She believes she can read the minds of gun owners (a sign of a personality disorder).
  3. Willful ignorance.
  4. Deliberate lying.
  5. Some combination of all of the above.

The last time I know of when the stated mindset had any traction was in the late 1960s (I’m thinking of GCA68). That was on the tail end of the KKK (100% Democrats with an oath you were not a “radical Republican”).

For many years now I have been teaching anyone that showed an interest. The demographics are far from old white men.

Whatever the problem with Gwenie’s brain function, she is clearly wrong.—Joe]


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gwenie @GwenieThinks

  1. She’s probably right. Democrats are in power right now and that party has a long history of demanding black folks to be disarmed and at their mercy.

  2. You’d be hard pressed to find a more racist group than committed leftists….

  3. She believes it’s a ‘gotcha’ which seems to be a standard thing with the current crop of mental midget anti-gunners.

      • Don’t forget that modern 2A advocates abhor the Mulford Act and consider it a blight on Reagan’s career and record.

        • I agree but I don’t trust Republicans to support their base on the 2A or anything else. As we write, McConnell is negotiating with terrorists to infringe our rights in some unspecified way.

  4. Sure, it would never happen like that, not ever. Remember when those awful California politicians first started infringing on gun rights?

    “The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that prohibited public carrying of loaded firearms without a permit. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, and signed into law by governor of California Ronald Reagan, the bill was crafted with the goal of disarming members of the Black Panther Party who were conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods, in what would later be termed copwatching. They garnered national attention after Black Panthers members, bearing arms, marched upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.”

    Still sure you’re not being played for saps?

    • Democrats are very consistent about disarming honest Americans, especially non-white ones. Republicans often oppose such infringement, but unfortunately they are not sufficiently consistent about this. And if you go back half a century, that was more commonly the case.
      So yes, it’s possible to find anti-gun laws supported by Republicans. But that’s not the majority case, and certainly not in recent times.

    • And then went on to raid the Marin County courthouse with them?
      But thanks for pointing out how worthless gun control measures have been. Past, present, and future ones, Monica.
      That same law worked real well on the likes of Patrick Purdy, (Stockton school yard shooter,) Who seemed pretty white to me!
      Obviously ignorance isn’t limited to race. As Gwenie drops her self to the level of Chuck-u and Nancy P. no-brainer of government fame.

  5. I seem to recall similar sentiments about gays at one time. After the terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub, liberals lost their crap when Pink Pistols became a thing, and the 2A community stepped up to train gay, lesbian, etc. first time gun owners and welcome them to the community.

    • Exactly. I remember Erin Palette saying how impressed she was by the overwhelming favorable response to her “Operation Blazing Sword” initiative.

      • They really don’t like it when the sheep start turning into sheepdogs.

        And as far as I’m concerned, Erin’s doing good work. Full stop.

  6. Reminds me of a comment I saw once, during le Summer of Love 2020, where several fellows of a darker persuasion had armed up to protect their homes. And the remark was, ‘I have a real problem with this picture. This guy is carrying a Kriss Vector. Don’t do that, they’re jam happy pieces of crap.’

  7. Looking at your description of the KKK, the oath had a distinctly Reconstruction flavor to it so I went to your source and checked. Yep, that was KKK 1.0 which was essentially the underground resistance to Reconstruction. They indeed targeted Republicans and freed slaves and avoided the Union Army. Very successful even though the organization was suppressed, the end of Reconstruction was the start of the Jim Crow era. Another great example of the Republican party selling out its base. 2.0 was distinctly different with its strength in above ground the Midwest and about as anti-Catholic as anti-black. Also was involved in a number of non-ethnic issues like Prohibition and anti-union activism. Given when and where it operated and the side issues, I suspect a lot of Republicans were involved. The Governor of Indiana certainly was. KKK 3.0 was different again. Back in the South and mostly underground. And about half FBI. It is possible that the oath carried over but I doubt it as your source doesn’t say that and the members in the 60s wouldn’t have had a clue what it meant.

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