I like living in the future

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“It’s a permanent reset, as far as we can tell, and we think it may be a universal process that could be applied across the body to reset our age,” said Sinclair, who has spent the last 20 years studying ways to reverse the ravages of time.

“If we reverse aging, these diseases should not happen. We have the technology today to be able to go into your hundreds without worrying about getting cancer in your 70s, heart disease in your 80s and Alzheimer’s in your 90s,” Sinclair told an audience at Life Itself, a health and wellness event presented in partnership with CNN.

“This is the world that is coming. It’s literally a question of when and for most of us, it’s going to happen in our lifetimes,” Sinclair told the audience.


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  1. I have heard all of this before. There are two camps: the plant based, and the meat (keto) based. Both camps agree on calorie restriction and fasting, and it seems that both camps agree that carbs should be minimized. Both are available now.

    However, I don’t expect much from the genetic manipulation of cells, because we do not really understand what we are doing except by editing a gene and then evaluating using statistical tools. For humans this is time consuming. But the real limitation is randomness and reactions involved in the process.
    For example, we understand the glucose system in the body (there are quite detailed flow charts without the signals), but those flow charts are not predictive for an individual and only give an ‘average’ response for an unknown distribution possibility fat tailed. Added to the complexity is that the body is not a static machine – it can and will adapt.

    So, I do not expect the genetic approach to be successful any time soon, if ever, because of randomness involved in life.

  2. I’m majorly skeptical about this actually being possible. I have NO doubts however that if it is the process will NOT be released and available to us peons. The ONLY people who would be allowed access to such treatments would be the rich, powerful and politically connected. Anyone who believes otherwise is an abject moron.

  3. This would necessitate a complete reshuffling of the economy. Retired at 65 and lived to 100? 110? Add in the declining birth rate and the burden on those working gets to be immense.
    It would mean the average worker retiring at 80? Just a SWAG but it might be worse.
    I can’t imagine doing it but I looked forward to retiring and enjoying sometime for myself.

  4. Well if CNN is involved, then surely it is all on the up and up, no? and looking only at the cold hard facts? leaving any and all interpretation or study of implications to the reader, whom they respect?

    I heard cold fusion was a thing too, something like 27 years ago.

    And that “we” discovered life on a Martian meteorite.

    And millions of Americans believe, even today, after the trial, that Kyle Rittenhouse illegally obtained an AR-15 while under age, illegally crossed state lines with an AR-15, and then hunted and shot black people, because he is a white supremacist, because this is a racist country, and all of that is proof that this is a racist country.

    And did you know that, depending on how you ask the question, a majority of people, even educated people, believe that “scientists” (no name, no particular discipline) have already created simple life forms from non-biological chemistry (A.K.A. abiogenesis), even up to and including frogs?

    And so, with all of that in aggregate, it is no surprise that many people believe that “we” are going to have faster-than-light travel too, and thus go out and populate the galaxy, like Star Trek, and that, having full faith in what they perceive to be “science”, it is all only a matter of time (Just like Darwin said about how we got here in the first place). You can (and I have) say that something is impossible, and the faithful will always reply with, “For now” or some such.

    Time solves all technical problems, no matter how complex, and is therefore our replacement for God.

    It’s really quite astonishing to see sometimes, the total, unshakable faith that is exhibited in something which may not necessarily even resemble science but is nonetheless so-called. Tell us what we want to hear, or in a way that makes us believe we want to hear it, and we’re far more likely to “believe” it without regard to evidence.

    And here’s the worst part. The flip side of that of course is that it can be extremely difficult for someone to “believe” something that is undesirable, or which condemns the hearer in some way, no matter how clearly logical or demonstrable.

    I put “believe” in scare quotes above because I am now uncertain as to how much people actually believe things (know them to be) as opposed to playing a calculated game of make-believe (pretend to believe), which is an entirely different sort of thing. I’ve been accused, for example, within mere moments of having met someone for the first time, of not being a player. It took the form of just that statement, spoken low, under the breath; “Oh. You’re not a player.”

    And so we arrive at something very close to the version of Peter Pan or the Lost Boys in the movie Hook starring Robbin Williams. To what extent are we all a version of the Lost Boys in that story? The movie is worth a look for that reason alone. It shows how perception, willfully and specifically altered, is to define one’s “reality”. This is Hollywood we’re talking, and so then you can get into the questions of, What do they know and how long have they known it. And now I am reminded of the “spiritual exercises” of Ignatius Loyola (an early pioneer, as it were, of the Jesuitical system designed to eradicate the Reformation).

    And yes I know; streamofconsciousness. Deal with it. It may seem like “going off into the weeds” but I maintain that we start in the weeds and that it is therefore important, now and then, to be able to see the weeds we’re in, and be able to acknowledge that we’re in the weeds almost all of the time, playing, as it were, games with ourselves and with others.

    Then again maybe it’s all about keeping the funding coming in, and nothing else whatsoever, and that it is thus just that simple. Probably the last thing I would believe at this stage is that it is purely scientific and that those involved have no other interests affecting their reports except arriving at the truth through the innocent and earnest quest for knowledge, come what may.

    To put all of the above into two words; I’m skeptical.
    But I thought it deserved an explanation.

    • We think we are gods because of our successes in tech and science, but we are not nor will we ever be gods for the simple reason that life involves uncertainty and random processes that cannot be predicted.

      Life is not a machine!

  5. Things that let you live with a healthy, active body and sharp mind are good, but if they are generally available we will need to dramatically shift many things in the social welfare and retirement system. If we don’t, then the resulting social distortions and wars and collapse will likely more than undo any possible gains.

  6. Oh great! A young and vigorous group of tyrants lording over us! Were looking forward to a healthy Joe Biden, Soro, Gates? Imagine Klaus Scwhab in his daddy’s SS uniform. Knowing he’s going to live to 110? (I can hear his heals clicking now). Cause guess who gets the cure first?
    God help us, Joe.
    Now I know why god gave us guns.
    P.S. Humans lived well passed those ages before. We will again. We just have grow up mentally enough to handle it.(We ain’t there yet).
    Remember, god made the tree of life that was planted in the garden for us. He will give us a new one when were ready.

  7. I am reminded of the Chinese Proverb:

    Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it.

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