Quote of the day—Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

Perhaps the Constitution has only been an illusory paper restraint on government. But it has been a potent symbolic restraint on the people, preventing them from eliminating abusive politicians and government agents out of hand. I do not truly comprehend the willingness — nay, the eagerness of the Left to go there, to surrender that protection, given the likely consequences.

We’d be starting from scratch, with new rules written by the survivors.

Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger
May 29, 2022
[Interesting observation.-Joe]


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  1. Remember when government agents knew that they were spending our money and that they were the servants of the people? That’s when the constitution was more than words on paper.

    • Chet, when was that? St. George Tucker credibly argues, in his 1803 book on the Constitution, that the government wasn’t obeying the Constitution even in those early days.

      • Umm, Calvin Coolidge? He was the last one (and the only one) I can think of.

    • It was that way at the local level when I was growing up in the 50s.

      Of course, at the federal level not so much. I remember watching dad having to plow under a few acres of wheat because he exceeded his 15-acre limit. In those days many people were even reluctant to accept any help from the feds. The phrase ‘I’m from the government and here to help you’ was well known.

  2. Interesting observation. And to the point, which I totally concur with. But it’s the nature of the beast to push passed it’s limits.
    The constitution was always a gentlemen’s agreement between us and them. But as Al Gore so apply put it; there’s no “controlling legal authority”.
    Sorry Al, that piece of paper is all the government/you have for body armor.
    Our forefathers tried to warn us of the elites overreach. But we should not judge ourselves to harshly for not listening. As we have done as most others have. “Humans are disposed to suffer, where evils are sufferable.”
    This is a truth the elites very lives depend on. But they understand it about as well as we do.
    Everyone very well knows what the controlling legal authority is. And Mao said it best.
    On a side note. Always practice, and teach new shooters on a six inch circle. About the size of an electric meter one see on every building, everywhere. And through which the lifeblood of elite power flows.
    One should be able to hit it from any and all positions. With what firearm you chose.
    We understand that late night vote counting when your not allowed to watch is illegal. So do they. Go figure.

  3. Hey, anyone know who wrote that misogynistic song about the guy looking for his girlfriend that was out chipping around on him. Part of the lyrics were;
    Boom, boom, out go the lights?
    Ya, no matter. It just been stuck in my head lately.

  4. ” I do not truly comprehend the willingness — nay, the eagerness of the Left to go there, to surrender that protection, given the likely consequences.”

    Really? I don’t believe that. You’re saying you don’t understand the lust for absolute, god-like power on earth, and the long history of it, which has significantly affected and putrified virtually all of human history? Either you’re just being facetious, of you’ll never be able to recognize the beast, and the whore which currently rides the beast, which together are Babylon.

    Consider also the possibility that those “likely consequences” of which you speak are well known, anticipated, and actually sought by the earthly powers. It is the concept of Ordo Ab Chao (Order out of Chaos), which is the motto of some global fraternities or institutions.

  5. Their goals are already mostly met. First and foremost, they have done the hard work by destroying the self-defense culture.

    Remember when “Trespassers will be Shot” signs? Or stories about a grumpy old man warning kids that next time he would have his gun. Or hunters trespassing being given a warning shot. Or a thief being shot with the response ‘well he was committing a crime’? Or I’m going to kill the son of a bitch (a figure of speech)? Threats were explicit. Then you shared the responsibility. Now if you threaten anyone using a weapon or even words, it is you that is committing the crime.

    So now, we are left with a piece of paper that says we may own a weapon, but if you use it for self-defense, you are likely the one committing the crime and a judicial system that is largely hostile. So yes, they want to repeal the 1st, 2nd and in effect write a new constitution which will ensure that they have power forever.

  6. The fundamental difference between the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ are the ideas regarding Rules and Fair Play. The left has only ONE RULE….win. Everybody else follows the rules THEY IMPOSE ON US. Until we wake up to that reality, stop obeying THEIR RULES and start exterminating them they cannot lose and we cannot win.

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