4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—ultra mega dark bunnygirl @RiflemanIIC

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! That’s hilarious! To frick’in funny!
    Professionals talk logistics. And how to support boots on the ground. And that’s the commie’s weak point.
    Their big on ideas, and short on; what happens if they don’t do what we tell them?
    It seems part of the commie programming to not be able to imagine a world that they’re not running.
    They can’t imagine a day when the guns are pointed back at them. Witness Uvalde.
    When the rubber meets the road is whole new game for them.
    As my brother the cop said long ago. You don’t have to kill anyone. All that has to happen is for one of my highly trained door kickers to sprain his ankle. And I’m short a man.
    I couldn’t go thru one American neighborhood. And still have a team left.
    Let alone if nut-bags like you are shooting back.
    The only way this ends is with America as a third world shithole.
    But were Americans. We will rebuild something better. We just need to get rid of the junkies first. And not just the drug ones. The money, power, control ones.

  2. It took me a moment to realize what was being said. Yes; too many children are being raised by single mothers already, so make sure your gun confiscating stormtroopers are single.

    But that is to take conservative values and project them onto Babylonians who don’t care about such values other than to have specifically and pointedly targeted them for destruction. The state is to raise and instruct all the children, don’t you know. And the state is the proper husband of all: the “bridegroom” if you will (in Biblical terms), in other words, the anti-Christ: the one who takes the place of Christ, sitting in His seat of power and presuming His authority.

    Not that I would choose to uphold the words of someone who calls herself ultra mega dark bunnygirl, with all of the pagan and occultist implications therein. People often take the position that it is purely humor, or a benign form of cultural rebellion, or just a way to rattle someone a little bit, or to get attention, which leads them to take on such a name, or to say certain things, or advocate things, of a similar nature, but my experience tells me otherwise. The spirit of evil and the spirit of rebellion are one and the same.

    Nor do I welcome the apparent, and global, “French Revolution” that’s on the horizon. There was but one American Revolution, and it’s long over, and as a people we’ve utterly forgotten its purpose and goals, if we ever truly knew them. The American people today would never tolerate the country of the American founders’ sated ideal.

    Before the “time of great trouble”, the global powers will have, to some degree, at least according to them, achieved their ends. And that means the expression of significantly more oppressive power and economic destruction than we’re currently experiencing here in America. At some point they’ll claim they’ve essentially achieved world peace and safety by way of said power.

    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”
    1 Thessalonians 5:3

    • “The spirit of evil and the spirit of rebellion are one and the same.”
      So, Then Jesus the Christ was what? If not a rebel?
      Rebellion against evil is what?
      The world is, and will always be full of choices. And most none of them good.
      Just as David the son of Jesse was/is beloved of god. It appears a rebel after his own heart?
      God is in control. And were all sons of Adam. Rebellion is what we do best.

  3. And don’t think that just because a lot of cops will stand outside for an hour while children are being murdered inside a school, that they’ll show similar cowardice when it comes to expressing the power of Rome.

    When given the task, once and for all, of exterminating the law-abiding, constitutional and faithful Americans (especially the Gospel preaching ones), they’ll find an energy, enthusiasm and aggression like you’ve probably never seen or imagined. They will then, finally KNOW that THIS is what they’ve been educated and trained for all along! All of their cultural programming will then become clear to them and the realization will strike them at that moment; this is what they’ve lived for. THEN they will find their courage and strength, but not before.

    Of course I’m talking of the indoctrinated of Rome. There are others who will stand for liberty. Unfortunately, many of you who are among them, on one side or the other, don’t yet know which side you’re on. You think you do, maybe, but that remains to be seen.

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