This is what they think of you

VIa email from pkoning.

Tyrants gotta tyrant:

IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General may deny a license under this section if the Attorney General determines that the applicant poses a significant danger of bodily injury to self or others by possessing, purchasing, or receiving a firearm, after examining factors the Attorney General considers are relevant to the determination, including…

(gg) any recent acquisition of firearms, ammunition, or other deadly weapons;

This is one of those “can’t win” scenario those who have mental issues create for you. If you buy some ammo they can declare you unfit to buy a gun because you might actually have the ability to use it.

I’ve experienced and put up with a mental issues environment… for decades. Highly discommended.

The other case you see this sort of behavior is the situation described by Ayn Rand regarding the creation of criminals. This is a situation you want to avoid even more than an individual with mental issues.

But what I find most telling about this proposed legislation is what such a politician must think of you. It must be one of the following:

  1. You are too stupid to see the trap this creates, or
  2. They believe that the desire to exercise a specific enumerated right demonstrates criminal intent.

Just say no, and keep saying no, until you run out of ammo.


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  1. They want you to get a license to acquire individual firearms and then deny you the ability to get the license because you recently got a license to acquire a firearm. The bill requires you to get a license to buy a gun every time and use it within 30 days. So if you bought a gun last month they have grounds to deny further gun purchases on the basis you bought a gun already.

    Do these people think the People are stupid?!? This is like a poor rehash of Brady II.

  2. My favorite demonstration on licensing is this.

    Take a piece of paper and a pen.
    Tear the paper in half.
    Write “License” on one half and “Registration” on the other.
    Hand the “Registration” to the idiot.
    Put “License” in pocket.
    Make a “gun” with the pen and your hand.
    Say “Now, using the ‘License’ and ‘Registration” stop me from killing you.”
    Point the pen at them and say “Bang.”
    Stare at them until they go away.

    • They would only say, “Well then, clearly, now I have to take that away from you, and by any means necessary, until there are no more, and since I’m doing it for the sake of “Peace and Safety” I have the moral authority over you and the moral imperative to finish the work, whilst thou art the enemy of “Peace and Safety” and of all things holy. You can guess the rest, or well enough— He supports anyone who promises to get a band of thugs together to “deal with” you, “legally” at first but later on who cares, along anyone who thinks like you.

      It is the mind of Cain, and you’re never going to change it with mere logic, reason, or mere facts (which he will call, “your facts”), or by citing the constitution. All of those are things are what the olddeadwhiteslaveowningcolonialists did, and to use their tactics only further “proves” your guilt. Logic is a “tool of oppression” used by the racistwhitepaternalistcapitalistrapistsoftheenvironment, and thus it must be abolished from the earth forever. It is nothing but a legacy of oppression. That’s being taught to children today, and you’re paying for it.

      All that’s going to remain therefore is “authority” and coercive power, just like the “good/bad old days”* of the Dark Ages. But no one remembers THAT legacy anymore, not really, and certainly not clearly, and yet it thrives to this day and grows in power because, far from exposing it, we dare not even name it as an enemy.

      * Right here, from the horse’s mouth, the church is now yearning, openly, for it’s Dark Ages power;

      The attitude, as in previous Marxist revolutions, is, “The time for argument is over, and the time for action is now”. But this time it’s global.

      I don’t expect you to take it seriously, even though it’s coming directly from Rome in their own words, and even though the nations of the whole world are now in lock step on the same issues. It’s only so you can’t say later that I made it up, or that you weren’t warned, etc.

      And they’ll get that power, too, because, by the time enough of us start to take the threat seriously it will have been too late to do anything to stop it. We’d rather play the game of “Democrat verses Republican”, or “science verses your imaginary friend”, just to pass the time and because it makes us feel valid as we support “our team”.

      I say it’s already is too late. For one thing, the Protestant world has already, officially, re-joined with Rome in a fervor of ecumenism, and Islam has, officially, joined with Rome also (I posted that news here but you’ve all forgotten it or dismissed it as irrelevant), and when church and state are on the same page they tend to have absolute power together. But what the hell do I know, right?

  3. Not sure the quoted source supports the specific claim, and it’s dishonest to not quote (gg) in full, there’s “; and” truncated from it. It’s followed by:

    ‘‘(hh) involvement in firearms trafficking or unlawful firearms transfers; and

    ‘‘(ii) history of unsafe storage or handling of firearms.

    Which does not make any sense, specifically the apparent linking of (hh) to (ii) when none of (aa) to (ff) have “and.” So it looks like sloppy drafting which is not uncommon in what gun grabbers have been producing as of late.

    Not saying this isn’t a beyond tyrannical bill, glancing at the various points of it, especially the revocation part, it looks to establish a “may issue” regime for mere gun ownership for anyone who buys one gun through it, a bit like Massachusetts, just that we can’t be quite sure of what it’s saying here. What’s being guessed about the intent could be correct.

    Not surprising coming from New Jersey Senator, where as I understand it from neighboring Sebastian and Bitter at their everything about guns is illegal except for specific carve outs.

    • I saw that, and I took it to be sloppy wording. The rest of that list, at that list level, is a sequence of alternatives, so I ignored the “and” when parsing. For one thing, to read “and” as “and at the same time” (which would be normal) between hh and ii that you cited would be strange; it would mean that a history of unlawful transfering isn’t a problem unless you also have a history of unsafe storage.
      Given decades of history, I will always assume bad faith in bills like this.

  4. Oh look, the whole Mexican cartel lining up to get their licenses!
    And who’s that mixed in with them? It’s the Crips and Bloods! Gosh, who would have thought it!
    And how much was the license fee and background check? Oh, it’s one of those non-refundable application fees, you’all be famous for?
    It sounds more like congress asking to get their ass kicked, in the most desperate of manners.
    To funny, and spot on Joe. Just say no, and keep saying no, tell your out of ammo!
    Best one I read in years!

  5. We’ve got it backwards. The extremism and lies in la-la land knows no bounds. When will people really wake up and smell the green grass? The people in la-la land are not the woke and can never be the woke. That title should belong to us.

    How will outlawing guns deny guns to the outlaws?

    How is a desert in extreme drought when it already is a desert?

    How will green energy produce nitrogen fertilizer that is now produced from natural gas?

    How well will plants grow in a low carbon world?

    How will la-la land feed the world?

    • I don’t think their interested in feeding us anymore. Were all just germ spreading useless eaters as far as their concerned.
      We’ve all been in la-la land for most of our lives. That goes for the elites also.
      No one wants to believe they’re really just a slave.
      But like I use to tell the wife. This ain’t our home, this is Chase banks negro quarters. And work like slaves we did.
      I think what were about to see is the great culling of the herd. They don’t need us anymore.
      What might not be so well understood here in la-la land, is that we never needed them. And never will.

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