Quote of the day—Sen. Chris Murphy

There are not a lot of moments where everybody goes from Position A to Position Z. You need to build political power in order to enact important, controversial social change.

I think that we have made enormous progress over the last nine years, and I sort of look at Sandy Hook as the before and after moment.

Sen. Chris Murphy
May 22, 2022
From Sandy Hook to Buffalo: Ten years of failure on gun control
[I found the article fascinating. No hint of awareness that gun control might not help public safety, let alone thoughts it enables violent criminals. No hint of awareness that the Second Amendment protects a specific enumerated right and SCOTUS is about to slap down New York for their abuse of gun owners. No hint of awareness that since Sandy Hook, gun sales have exploded and the Antifa “summer of love” have changed the political landscape regarding gun ownership.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sen. Chris Murphy

  1. 10 years of failure on gun control? Like waking up from a drunk to find yourself in the middle of So. Central LA.
    This motherf–cker be lost or what?
    Gun control in America started with the British in the 1700’s. It’s the very reason we have the United States of America. The very reason we started kill the tyrants. It’s the very reason we fought the war of independence.
    Where do these people come from anyway?
    There must be some kind of space alien invasion we don’t know about? Someone that stupid has to be extra-terrestrial. It’s like a super race invented space travel. Then rounded up all their retards and fired them off to a new world?
    And as misfortune would have it they landed here.
    As Joe has posited many times, Show me where gun control has ever worked?
    This proves election fraud. Nobody that moronic could find that many morons to vote for them, could they? I mean, the numbers, right?
    That’s one thing you can say about communist retards from space. No matter how lost the cause, they never give up.

  2. Granted that they wouldn’t convince me anyway, they must really have their heads up their asses if they think I would PAY to read their propaganda.

  3. Yeah, the authors appear clueless, whining about the lack of some sort of political will that could easily result in a repeat of 1994 (do not for one instant ever think the DC politicians have forgotten that lesson) but to me, this looks more like a ‘hit piece’ on SloJoe™ than anything else.

    How many times is the basic refrain ‘Biden failed’ repeated in different ways?
    I think there’s a brick-by-brick effort underway to build a edifice to get rid of the senile dolt, ‘forced’ resignation or 25th amendment and this is just one more brick.

    • If the political class remembers anything from near 30 years back, I would be very surprised. For example, back about 2000, CA passed an income tax add-on of 10% for all those making $1m/year. We had 28 THOUSAND! One third of them instantly bailed out of the state, taking their money and businesses elsewhere. Over the following years a larger percentage of those remaining also bailed, leaving less than 2000 of them. About a year ago, they added an additional 3% to that 10% surcharge. Again, 1/3rd of them bailed instantly. One of those who bailed out before the second hit was Elon Musk, who left after some Sacramento political idiot cursed him out for existing. I would expect that he is working on replacing his CA Tesla production plant.

      So, no, I think they have a very poor memory for anything that doesn’t go their way.

      • Well, just my opinion of course, it may be that the California politicians who came up with that tax didn’t really care about who left, or stayed.
        Were they voted out of office because those taxes were passed? That’s not a rhetorical question by the way. I don’t know, but you might.
        If they weren’t, well what would they care if their pet law didn’t perform as advertised? That seems to be more the case than otherwise anyway.

        The point I was making was the historical example of the 1994 election massacre of the Democrat party in Congress who got booted out of their cushy seats on the .gov gravy train.
        That ride is basically the only thing that matters to politicians up there and there’s still enough of them who were around then, that are still in office now, that I think they pass that lesson on.

        I think that because we see the usual suspects always filing the same old gun-control bills, just with new dates on them, and nothing much beyond grandstanding seems to actually happen.

        But I could be all wet.

      • They really didn’t care about the law improving the amounts of money in the California treasury. They did it to assure the low information voters of California that they were going after the unclean rich people to make things more “fair”. They just wanted to be reelected and this pandering worked.

  4. Well sure. They have an agenda, and no amount of facts, statistics, moral arguments, or reason is going to change that agenda. It’s been the agendam for millennia and it will remain the agenda until the end.

  5. You could have just said “No hint of awareness.” Period. Full stop.
    But just because they don’t APPEAR to show one, when there is no chance they could be that stupid and unaware and still tie their shoes and write a grammatically correct sentence, means they are evil and lying their asses off. They know it. You know it, I know it. They know we know it. They don’t care. They are writing for the typical low-info voter with the attention span of a goldfish who only responds to the feelz, not actual facts, logic, or historical events. It’s propaganda in the most literal sense of the term, part of a constant barrage of messaging to shape the emotional perceived reality of the listener.

  6. “….the 1994 election massacre of the Democrat party in Congress who got booted out of their cushy seats on the .gov gravy train.”

    Unfortunately, a great many of them maintained their “cushy gravy train connection” by working for lobbying groups or leftist advocacy groups (too many of which are partially or nearly fully funded by tax dollars). Just because they’re not cashing an official dot gov paycheck doesn’t mean they’ve given up on advancing the ideology; they’re just getting paid by someone else, often with the same taxpayer dollars.

  7. I saw an article a day or two ago pointing out that this same Chris Murphy, just a year or two ago, was pushing a law that intended to ban police officers (“resource officers”) in schools. It was part of the Defund the Police craziness.
    One may have doubts about the effectiveness, certainly the consistent effectiveness, of having cops hang around schools. But it’s hard to see how removing them could produce a positive result.

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