Reality is tough

You hear the phrase “two movies, one screen”, right? People perceive what they expect/want to perceive. This makes it really tough to be in touch with reality. You may think, “Not for me!” I’m not so sure. Watch and listen to this:

These sort of things demonstrate the difficulty of distinguishing between truth and falsity. It takes a great deal of effort to change minds, even when the facts are overwhelming, because people’s brains get hardwired into thinking about something in a particular way.

My mom learned to do subtraction in a different way that what was taught in my elementary school. She could not help me learn how to subtract like Mrs. Cole was teaching it. She asked Dad to help me. After I learned to subtract I asked Mom to show me her way. It was incomprehensible to me. Dad could not understand it either. She got the right answers, but she could not understand our method either.

I came up with a different way of viewing exterior ballistics problems. Someone who was taught the traditional way is completely confused by my method. I understand how they do it but my way is simpler and has broader application. I can teach either way to newbies just fine. But teaching it to someone who has done it conventionally will result in their total confusion.

It’s obvious to some people that banning guns will save lives. The facts don’t matter because elimination of “gun deaths” mean fewer people are dying, right? Their brains have become hardwired down a particular path. Once they start down that path it is a slippery slope to the same conclusion regardless of the factual obstacles presented.

Spooky action at a distance is a very difficult concept. It just “can’t be true”. But it is.

Socialism/communism must be the most tested and failed political system ever. Yet people believe the false reality.

Reality is really, really tough. For everyone. I’m sure there are countless examples all around us that no one has yet properly deciphered and we all believe one or more flavors of falsehood about it. It may even take a generation or two after the truth is discovered before people are comfortable thinking in terms of the “new reality” and people laugh at “the things people used to believe”.


14 thoughts on “Reality is tough

  1. My hearing has been screwed up forever. All I heard were screeches.
    Ya, I get the math thing. I have the same problem with spelling and grammar!
    As for communism and quantum mechanics. That just proves there is a god.
    “Whom the gods would destroy, first they make mad.”

  2. Reality is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy and will be banished from Wokekanda for the good of the unity collective.

  3. So…for multiple millenia we (humans) have been miscommunicating between each other because our brains have a built in malfunction in the area of sound analysis which causes perception errors.

    Makes me wonder what Yamamoto misheard from a Roosevelt speech that made him attack Pearl Harbor…..

  4. I dunno. The sound in 2018 always said “yanny” to me, even when I said “laurel” to myself. (It still says “yanny”.)

    And even after saying “brain storm” in my head, I still hear “green needle” in the new mystery sound. Maybe if I’d heard “brain storm” first it’d be different, but we’ll never know.

    And the dress was black and blue. (Remember that one?) I don’t see how someone would see white and gold unless looking at a “negative” coloration effect.

    But plenty of people did.

    If we can’t agree on objective facts, we’ll never agree on solutions based on those facts. It’s a more difficult problem even than starting from opposing First Principles.

  5. “Spooky action at a distance” has been so thoroughly debunked it’s amazing that it still gets repeated. I guess that’s just the poor state of education and science these days.

    Whatever the voice in the video is saying (“green needle”?), it has three syllables, so it can’t be “brain storm”, which only has two.

    I hear “Yanny.” It doesn’t sound anything even remotely like “Laurel.”

    • Re “spooky action at a distance”, isn’t that another word for quantum entanglement? If yes, it has been demonstrated. If it’s a term for something else then I don’t know what it means or what its reality status is.

      • Yes. And yes it has. No question of it. They have set up communication links over many kilometers utilizing the phenomena. Faster than light communication has been demonstrated multiple times.

        • Faster than light? Where? Quantum entanglement, as far as I know, operates at the speed of light.

          • I think we are both half-right and half-wrong.

            I was unable to find quantum communication channels of the type I thought I had read about. However, quantum entanglement does “transfer information” faster than the speed of light. This is just one of several reference which support my claim:

            The team came back and said that quantum entanglement transfers information at around 3-trillion meters per second – or four orders of magnitude faster than light. This is a lower speed limit, meaning as we collect more precise data, you can expect that number to get larger. At the moment, our technology and methodologies aren’t sensitive enough to measure speeds at this scale.

        • No. No it has not. It cannot even theoretically work that way.

          Now, imagine this. You have a pair of shoes. You put one in a box, and send it to Tokyo. you put the other in a box and send it to Buenos Aires. You have friends in both places open the boxes simultaneously. Somehow, you are surprised that one gets a left shoe and the other gets a right. The shoes must somehow communicate faster than light, right?

  6. I could get it to sound like “green storm” or “brain needle” just by thinking of those phrases. Deciphering sound is a strange thing. I also have a hard time understanding song lyrics until I can read them first.

  7. If one applies Chris Langan’s CTMU to all of this. One would discover that he whom created all this. Is not limited by it. The speed of light becomes just another sound barrier.
    And also that discovering the working of one thing. Will only lead one to more unanswered questions. That’s how god expanses the universe to match free will.
    That’s also why god created the scientific method. So we could move forward to the next question from a basis of truth.
    Pretty cool system actually.

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