Quote of the day—Walrus @ThrowawayGaming

If nobody is armed, nobody will be oppressed. I’m sorry, but the state needs to come down hard on dissenters, which is Republican gun owners.

Walrus @ThrowawayGaming
Tweeted on March 28, 2022
[For several minutes I looked at his posts to see if I could confirm this is a parody account. Nope, insufficient evidence.

I didn’t know stupid was available in this dense of packaging. Two sentences, one impossible proposition, two falsehoods, one proposed unconstitutional act, and the second sentence contradicts the first.

I couldn’t pack that much nonsense into two sentences if I worked on it for an hour. And all without long practice with a parody account. That takes extraordinary talent in the crap for brains department.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Walrus @ThrowawayGaming

  1. I’m pretty sure if no one is armed I can beat anyone with “non-binary” in their profile into submitting to my will. How is that for oppression?

  2. The concept is missing a few words. The intent was that if nobody is armed, only the correct people will be oppressed. Of course, he leave’s out the part where the “correct people” changes from time to time, seemingly on a random basis.

  3. “If nobody is armed, nobody will be oppressed.”

    One of the things that archeologists use to determine if an ancient site was occupied by humans or proto-humans is the presence of manufactured tools. Almost always, those tools are weapons, clubs, axes, knives, spear points, etc. So regardless of the magic pixie dust Mr. (Ms, they,) Walrus wants to sprinkle around and make all “weapons” disappear, humans will quickly re-arm themselves. I wonder what grilled Walrus tastes like?

    • As someone who lived in Franco’s Spain once said, You knew who was breaking into your house at 2:00 am to beat you.

  4. I forget who it was that lamented that the universe had limits, but human stupidity didn’t. And yet again we find the empirical evidence.
    Wonder if quantum mechanics can measure that density? Cause that brand of stupid is going to hurt whatever it comes in contact with.

  5. You can find free PDFs online for “Rules for Radicals.”

    for what it’s worth, it’s dedicated to ….Lucifer. I kid you not.

  6. I am certainly glad that I am not the manager of the genius in even a low critical level industry. I would be very concerned that this person would let their brilliant reasoning ability loose to solve all the problems that the business faced. It wouldn’t be long before the business would have no more worries as they simply wouldn’t exist. How does this guy stay alive, drive to work, shop for food or even know when to seek medical attention. This is certainly a future Darwin Award recipient.

    • Then again, it’s entirely possible this person is unemployed, vegetating away in his parents’ basement. Drive to work? Shop? He might not be doing any of that.

  7. I was thinking of the verse in Ecclesiastes that said “The race is not always to the swift, nor the fight to the strong.”

    But that IS the way to bet, especially if no weapons are present beyond fists and feet. Doesn’t this guy know ANYTHING?

    • And as recently as Ben Franklin; “Those that beat their swords into plow-shears. Will end up plowing for those that didn’t.”
      Thus, and always in human nature.

  8. A short story by Larry Niven (Cloak of Anarchy) purports to show the shortcomings of anarchy, but it’s a fraud – what it really shows is what lack of weapons in the hands of the people leads to: rule by the strongest and most violent.

    Walrus needs to get understanding of this.


  9. I count four falsehoods.

    In no particular order:
    1. Nobody armed == nobody oppressed.
    2. The state needs to come down hard on dissenters.
    3. Dissenters == Republican gun owners.
    4. “I’m sorry”.

    But I agree, stuffing that much crap in two little sentences is a feat for the ages.

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