Quote of the day—Ellen Spencer 1 @ellenspencer03

Ridiculous arguments that have nothing to do with assault rifles. But to your point, shall we castrate men who rape/kill innocent women? Its hardly a punishment to ban these guns…there are other ways to prove your ‘manhood’. But good job proving your weirdness.

Ellen Spencer 1 @ellenspencer03
Tweeted on March 4, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

I find it amusing that she apparently was not only unable to comprehend my point, but also ran out of insults and had to repeat herself (see the first time here).—Joe]


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  1. Actually, back in the 40’s and 50’s it was NOT uncommon to castrate rapists, pedophiles, etc. Eventually public opinion changed and this practice was stopped. About the same time that hysterical females like Ellen were no longer sent to mental institutions for electroshock to treat their “hysteria.”

    Wonder if both practices might be reconsidered?

    • Ellen may be hysterical. But she a communist. In which case a public hanging would prove the best for all said offenses.
      It’s cheap, effective, and sets a good example.

      • Pour encourager les autres
        For encouragement of the others.
        When she conflates castration of rapists with the banning of “Assault Rifles” that have not been used in any crime, because someone else, somewhere else under completely different circumstances did wrong with one, sh reveals the limits of her intellect about the law.
        She certainly does not understand the concept of “Prior Restraint”, a holy concept for the First Amendment, but not for the Second, as far as I can discern.

  2. Hey Ellen. Mind your own f–king business, while you still can.
    It’s truly amazing to watch people go so hard at something that doesn’t matter. And won’t make a dent in the crime stats if they got their way.
    One would think with drug OD’s at 50 per 100,000. And cancer tripe that. Ellen would find a useful pursuit with her time in saving lives?
    But no. Ellen is displaying classic communistic criminal insanity here. In which she knows power come from the barrel of a gun. Something communist insanity can’t allow anyone else.
    To the point of making the weakest of excuses and insults toward the argument.
    And she’s so brainwashed she can’t see that the argument was over after bitchy Bill Clinton’s big swing and a miss assault weapons ban, back in the 90’s.
    Aesop provided one for you Ellen. Straight from the way back.
    “The futures so bright, your going to need shades.”
    And do try to update your insult file!

  3. She’s not only missing your point, she’s missing her own. (Not sure how that’s possible, but….)

    Castrating rapists was a punishment for a man convicted beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    Banning all “assault rifles” (which she’s confusing with “assault weapons”, just as the gun grabbers intended when they invented the term) because they might someday, in the unforeseeable future, be used to harm others — but have not in the present — is like castrating all men because they might someday, in the unforeseeable future, rape and/or kill innocent women (but have not in the present).

    There’s a subtle difference between the two. One is punitive (if cruel), for acts already committed. The other is prior restraint, to “prevent” acts which have not been committed.

    • And it’s worse: it’s like castrating me and you because someday in the indefinite future some lowlife 100 miles away may rape someone.

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