Never let a crisis go to waste

COVID enabled authoritarians to expand their power:

An appeals court sided with the governor and found the emergency act gave him vast authority—including the “police power” to create new law. The California Supreme Court let the appeals court decision stand, meaning that in any declared emergency the governor can do whatever he deems appropriate without serious checks or balances.

Last month, Newsom mercifully lifted the vast majority of edicts and orders—but the precedent has been set for future emergencies. There are no real limits on executive power.

There really needs to be consequences for these expansions of government powers. I’m just not sure what the solution is. When the elections can’t be trusted, the “news” is cheering the authoritarians, and individuals who speak out are canceled, what are people to do when they find the restrictions intolerable?


9 thoughts on “Never let a crisis go to waste

  1. The only thing one can do. Prepare to cancel enforcement. Nothing works better on a tyrant king than pointing out how naked he is.
    All this is supposing we don’t get nuked first. As Biden’s remarks about wanting regime change in Russia are going to go over like a turd in the punch bowl.
    No amount of walk back by Biden’s bitches is going to convince the Russians now.
    Gavin will be pontificating from a smoking hole the way this thing is shaping up.
    Emergency? We don’t know nothing about no stinking emergencies!

  2. When crisis gives you great power, then everything looks more and more like a crisis.

  3. In a state (where I was born and grew to adulthood) that regularly has to deal with earthquakes and other massively destructive events (seasonal wildfires, for one example), it has long been regarded as necessary for the Governor to have the legal authority to force individual citizen compliance with “emergency directives”. No surprise the state Supreme Court upheld the legal notion.

    A possible additional measure to be appended to that particular law might be to stipulate that any governor declaring such an event automatically submits his/her resignation from office simultaneously, to take effect post-emergency or 10 days post declaration, whichever comes first.

    That should reduce the temptation to declare a public emergency for frivolous reasons at least.

    • Since there is very little that happens that cannot be thought out and planned against. The need for emergency declarations is only a game.
      Just like the Paradise transformer fire.
      If PG&E would have been performing a proper testing on their transformers?
      If people were sold larger lots with fire breaks around their homes?
      If they hadn’t been made to leave by emergency order that trapped them in cars in the middle of that fire?
      Emergency orders are a game. I like your idea of them having to resign afterward.
      But the fact that they have to make them tells me their not fit for the job in the first place.

      • PG&E wasn’t allowed to trim back trees and brush. Bureaucrats don’t allow ANY cutting in the big forests. For instance, ~ten years ago, HUGE fire in the Big Sur area of CA. A disease that is traveling north killed all the oak trees in that forest. LOTS of fuel sitting there, that NO ONE was allowed to remove. What is dead wood called? FIREWOOD!

        BTW, forest fire fighting has become a BIG business, which is only one of the reasons nothing can be done about realistic forest management.

        • like i said. No need for an emergency. Hell, you could do a better job than 80% of government.

    • Perhaps a Constitutional Amendment that if your state has a declared emergency in it, the unorganized militia is automatically activated. and cannot be present anywhere except within five miles of that person’s residence or within five miles of the location of the emergency. That might keep the tyrants from declaring the emergency and shipping the unorganized militia out of state.

  4. Just more proof that the commie left infiltrated, subverted and suborned the judiciary a long time ago. Anyone relying on any court to “do the right thing” is a fool.

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