No surprise

Boston social justice activist, hubby scammed at least $185K from donors: feds:

A high-profile social justice activist in Boston and her husband used a nonprofit they founded to scam at least $185,000 from donors who included a Black Lives Matter chapter and the local district attorney’s office, federal authorities allege.

There was so much rioting and looting going on over completely justified shootings that, when at my most charitable, I thought of it as a mass delusion. That there was literal fraudulent use of donations in some chapters does not surprise me.

It does sadden me. Just like Jessie Smollet’s stunt sadden me. Fake crimes makes it increasingly likely that a real crimes will be doubted. And the fraudsters, with a shortage of outrage to fuel their money train, create the market for other types of fraud.


6 thoughts on “No surprise

  1. Looks like small change compared to the Black Lives Matter “trained Marxist” bosses, who collected enough graft to buy several multi-million dollar homes in expensive LA suburbs.
    Or, for that matter, the way Al Sharpton got to be a millionaire from his trade of “misery pimp”.

  2. It’s good that they caught them, but where there is one cockroach there are likely too many more to count. However, I would not be surprised to hear that they are only going to get a slap on the wrist.

    This behavior of anything goes shows that society is a delicate balance of mores. Once the mores are tossed aside, society starts breaking down. Remember the Lord of the Flies?

    That’s why societies need a strict set of mores. Sure, the mores can be stiffing and even repressive, but they keep behavior within norms. A justice system, even if enabled by tech, can only deal with a small fraction of deviants. It is the mores that make systems like ours work (along with the discovery of cheap plentifully energy).

    • I disagree. Consider how the Leftists would view this. They stole from BLM. Had they stolen from conservatives, then they would get a slap on the wrist, because they only got caught doing what the Conservatives do every day. Besides, they are all filthy rich, so they deserve it. By stealing from BLM and other leftist causes, they bit the hand that fed them, and showed extreme ingratitude.

  3. The “V” in Black Lives Matter is silent, In Reality, Black Lies Matter. The whole moment is based on Proven Lies, i.e., “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” which is a lie.

    Fuck Them

  4. You mean people who donated to BLM actually thought they were doing something to help the black people?
    HAHAHAHAHA! OH Please!
    Yaaaa, I’m going to donate 10% of my welfare, and 20% of my drug sales to BLM. That’ll kick whitey’s ass! Get us some real reform up in herea!
    BLM is a money pass-through organization. It’s the new ACORN. The whole thing is a criminal scam.
    Donating to them should make you a criminal accessory!

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