Shortages create a market for fraud

The verdict is in:

A verdict was reached in the Jussie Smollett criminal trial Thursday, nearly three years after he told police two Trump-loving bigots beat him up, tied a noose around his neck and doused him in bleach on a blistering night in January 2019.

The hate crime Smollett claimed he suffered sparked international outrage, and then disgust, when police said he made the whole thing up.

This isn’t the only fake hate crime in recent years.

This is to be expected. Whenever the market demand is greater than the supply there will be criminals taking advantage of the situation and supplying fake goods.


4 thoughts on “Shortages create a market for fraud

  1. Typical modern journalism. The article never mentions what the verdict actually was, nor what the charges were. “A verdict was reached… Jurors deliberated for over nine hours before reaching the verdict.”

    • In defense, there was a weird delay between the verdict being reached and then it actually being read out in court officially. The story may have been written during that interregnum.

      (Personally, I wouldn’t have wasted pixels or ink until I actually HAD a guilty or not guilty verdict, but hey)

      • I was sitting through some of that delay at the 6 pm news last night. The cause was that the defendant and his attorneys took a long time before showing up in court — they had 30 minutes and took about an hour. The reason for the incomplete announcement is that news outlets want to report stuff; the fact that they have no real information to report isn’t a consideration. It’s like the local news reporting “breaking news: there’s been an accident in the north end of town, we don’t know anything about it yet but we’re going to spend several minutes to tell you about the fact that we don’t know any facts yet even though we don’t have anything to say yet.”

  2. And he wasn’t even that original. Trying a remake of the Morton Downey Jr. bathroom attack by skinheads. And getting an even worse reaction. (Some people just don’t know when to shut-up, and let it go. the jig is up?)
    Or must be because he’s kind of black, right?

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