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My position has always been that the Federal Reserve is not a banking institution on a mission to protect American financial interests. Rather, I believe the Fed is an ideological suicide bomber waiting to blow itself up and deliberately derail or destroy the American economy at the right moment. My position has also long been that the bankers would need a cover event to hide their calculated economic attack, otherwise they would take full blame for the resulting disaster.

Brandon Smith
December 4, 2021
Mainstream Economists Are Struggling To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse
[There is a lot of good stuff in this article. This claim isn’t part of the good stuff.

If the claim were true then the creators of the Fed have been waiting over 100 years to detonate their bomb, right?

Or, I suppose, it could be the Fed has somewhat recently been taken over by the suicide bombers without a single defection from the conspirators or underlings.

Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. I say there is far from sufficient evidence to support this claim.

It could be that past, present, and future actions will be mostly consistent with this hypothesis but have a different true intent. Sort of a like a lie that snowballs as the liar has to lie more and more to cover up the original lie. Then witnesses require silencing to hide the vast number of lies. The original lie wasn’t intended to result in murder, but that is where the slippery slope led. I could believe that sort of thing is what has happened.

Sometimes it’s too tempting to take the easy way out for the short term benefit when the long term consequences are murky. I believe that is far more likely than a “suicide bomber” conspiracy.—Joe]


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  1. I can think of a bunch of bad things to say about the Fed, but you’re right, this one doesn’t fit.
    The two that come to mind is (1) it’s unconstitutional, (2) it’s run by economists, i.e., practitioners of a pseudo-science.

  2. Not a bomber. As you say. To me their managers of the Keynesian economics cycle Von Mises explained.
    Keynesian debt cycles have a crash built into them. There’s no way around it. The fed helps manage the crash/restart cycle. Like a specialist at the stock market.
    They use backdoor insider trading to “stabilize” the market.
    (Lucky Luciano of mafia fame. Upon understanding the whole system. Exclaimed he had joined the wrong mob.)
    The fed was created by the 1890’s crash. As a way to prevent crashes. But all it could truly do is manage who gets hurt, and who gets hurt real bad. And who knows when to get out before getting hurt.
    Guess who is always going to get hurt real bad?
    When considering the fed, one must first consider Keynesian economics as a system first. They’re symbiotic rackets that should have been RICO’ed out of existence a long time ago.
    We think in terms of depression. They only think in terms of new opportunities. We think in terms of how to feed our families. They only think in terms of what you will be willing to trade your labor for? And how much.
    Our biggest problem is not being able to think in terms that evil. We just can’t wrap our minds around it.
    Reading the Margue de Sade might be insightful. Those running the fed have much in common with him.

  3. The Fed was created largely to gradually monetize everything and thereby take over the economy a piece at a time by controlling the flow of capital, interest rates, and debt. Effectively this is slow motion bomb, but it’s not a suicide bomb unless you consider it an American institution destroying the American way of doing things. It’s not. It’s a foreign ideology that has been gaslighting us for a long time because they are very good at telling lies.

    • I remember being in Atlanta as a protest was breaking up outside the Fed building there, and I was highly disappointed that not a single protester was dressed up as Andrew Jackson.

  4. I doubt the Fed is seeking to destroy the economy. Successful parasites never succeed by destroying the host. What the Fed DOES seek ( for itself and those it serves) is to get as rich as possible at OUR expense without totally sucking us dry. And for the past century they’ve succeeded pretty handily at that task.

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